31 March 2010

Hide and Seek

Yesterday we were playing a combined game of hide and seek with chase up and down the garden and all round our home. As you can see I was hiding behind one of the curtains in the bedroom. I had been there a long while and not been pounced on so I decided to have a peek but Hannah was nowhere to be seen I felt pleased with myself for hiding so well.

Here I am down the garden and I've been looking for Lucy for ages and I can't find her anywhere - Mum won't give me a clue where she is as she says it will spoil the game. I'm sat on the wall next to a pillar and I think she's hiding behind it I think I'll jump round and see.

Oh she wasn't there - does any cat know where Lucy is - please give me a hint.

Sunshine Heaven

This photo is showing off my white ruff, when my mum first saw me in the cage with other kitties she instantly wanted to stroke it and rub her face in it. She loves giving it a brush and comb but I only let her do it for a few seconds - well you've got to keep them interested haven't you?

This photo was taken at the same time and was taken under the garden seat where I was taking advantage of the shade.

This is another picture of me (I am not a poser Lucy - wash your mouth out with soap) - in the background you can see a very small container with fresh grass in for us. It's not proper cat grass but ordinary grass so it has been ignored.

30 March 2010

Paws for Thought

This is a picture of one of Hannah's paws - as you can see she has toe hawks - when she runs down the hall and tries to stop she slides on much to her annoyance if there is a race to catch a ball! Then when she wants to set off running again she looks like a cartoon character as her legs are racing and she goes nowhere - I dare not laugh or she has a hissy fit.

These are Lucy's paws which are quite small and dainty - although it doesn't mean her claws are small and dainty if she is getting her spot on worming medication and mum has the scars to prove it!! Lucy is also very quick on her paws and takes some catching if she sees the medication on the worktop however hard I try to hide it behind something.

29 March 2010

A Girl Cat's Work is Never Done

A girl cat's work is never done. I had to help mum take the sheets off the bed this morning and put the clean ones on and plump up the pillows. Then I put all the washing in the big machine -I had to get inside it to pull it all in and I made Mum watch out in case Lucy shut me in and set the machine off to wash.

After I struggled out the machine and it had started off, I jumped in the basket to rest for a moment and the next thing I knew was the flashy box was in my face - Lucy said it woke me up but I never went to sleep!!

Still - it's all in a days work!

27 March 2010

Lucy looking after Hannah

First of all I'm just giving this stem a good whapping and pretending it's Hannah's tail - well you've got to practice or else she laughs at you if you miss (not that I ever have)!!

Here I am looking behind here to make sure no mouses or birdies are hiding and waiting for Hannah to come round here and jump out on her and make her hiss. It seems as though it's safe for her when she's finished her 50th nap of the day.

Here is Hannah on the fiftieth nap of the day - says it's because she has been helping Mum with the chores - Mum's just looked up at the ceiling and laughed.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Watching for Birdies

I'm going to be first today - Hannah always muscles in and takes top slot - but this is fighting talk - no more being miss nice girl.

Here I am sitting in the window watching for birds coming into the garden - it isn't a very big garden so we don't get too many bird visitors but I don't like to be rude and miss their visits (and the chance of a game of chase).

I am sitting here on the back of the chair watching too in the hope that I can have a laugh at Lucy's antics of trying to catch the birdies - it hasn't happened yet much to Mum's relief.

Can you believe our Mum is frightened of birdies - the wuss.
Mum here - I'm not frightened of birds but a don't like having to pick them up and if they flutter in my hands I freak out!!

26 March 2010

Our First Pictures

The first picture that Mum took of us when we came home with her was of me - good choice wasn't it. Here I am laid on a Gizzy in Mum's chair wondering where I was and happy that I wasn't in a cage anymore with visitors looking in at us.

And this is the first picture that Mum took of me the day we came home with her - she said she hadn't realised just how fluffy my tail was until she saw this picture. Mum was one of the visitors that Lucy mentioned who came to look at all the cats at the re-homing centre.

Mum had come to the centre to adopt one young cat but when she saw both of us looking pitiful she just changed her mind and applied to adopt us both. We had been practising our pitiful look so we were ready when we saw the human we wanted!! Shhh - don't let her know that - she thought it was her idea.

24 March 2010

Hannah helping Mum

Here I am underneath the computer desk guarding all Mum's things - you never know when someone might sneak in and rummage through all the rubbish under here. I'm sure there must be something highly secret among the dust.

I'm sitting on this packet of paper at the moment as I heard a rumour that there isn't much left and I don't want it to run out!


We have been given this award by Wildcatwoodcats and Azreen Sulaiman - thank you very much and we have to say 7 things about ourselves.

1. We were rescued from the RSPCA by our new Mum

2. We are from the same original home but we are not sisters.

3. We love chicken.

4. We sleep with our Mum.

5. We like playing outside.

6. We hide when someone new comes to our home until we sniff then and know them.

7. We don't like going to the vets.

We don't know who has not had this blog with only starting to post about a week ago so if anyone would like to do it please take it and post it on your blog.

This award was from Teri and the cats of Furrydance - thank you.

There are no rules to this one just to pass it on to 5 other blogs and as this the one above we have no idea who hasn't done it so takes it you would like and pass it on to your friends.

Luv Hannah & Lucy

23 March 2010

Chicken Faces

Hannah is the one that refused 2 breakfasts this morning to leave room for this chicken and says she has to watch her waistline as handsome young man cats like slender young girls.

Lucy is the one that ate her breakfast and then Hannah's breakfast and still had room for her lunch. She adds that there is too much to see and do at the moment and the young men cats will have to wait for her! She certainly has attitude.

20 March 2010

Helping in the Garden

Hannah : Mum is this where you said you wanted this pot moving to?

Mum: That's just right Hannah - thank you very much for all your help this morning.

Later that day...
Mum : Would you like your tea there Hannah you look tired.
Hannah: Please Mum if it's not too much trouble.
Luv Hannah

Out takes

Mum stop pointing that camera at me - I'm having my afternoon bath before I have my nap.

Mum it's a good job my furs are black so no one can see my spot 13 - stop taking pictures of me NOW.
Does anyone want to borrow our mum and her camera.
Luv Hannah & Lucy

19 March 2010

Who's a cheeky girl

The scene - sat on Mum's knee while she watches television.

Mum : Lucy stop putting your tongue out at me it's cheeky.
Lucy : I'm not I'm just having a wash.
Mum : Oh I thought you were being rude - sorry about that.
Lucy : As if.
Luv Lucy

18 March 2010


This is a picture of a gizzy quilt that Millie's Mum Lynne made last year for Emma. Emma was a gentle cat who sadly had to go to sleep due to several health problems at the end of November at the age of 19 years. Emma loved her quilt and spent many hours contemplating many things and when that tired her out sleeping. This picture was taken a short time before her death.

Here is Hannah sleeping on the same gizzy which as you can see has never been moved from its position on the sofa as it is always known as Emma's spot.

Finally here is a picture of me on the quilt - Mum says I look a little miffed in that picture - probably because I had to unseat Hannah so that I could have my turn on it.

Luv Lucy

Should I stay of should I go

A girl has to decided if the weather conditions are suitable for going out for a stroll round the garden - it must not be too cold or 2 windy (because that ruffles my whiskers and makes them untidy and no man cat would want to see me looking like that). I have been reading Daisy's blog and she always looks very demure and she is my roll model.

It didn't seem too warm outside but as it wasn't windy I thought I would take the air and stretch my legs. Also if I run round for a little while I shall be able to eat my chicken better.

Here I am just before I start to do my jogging and exercises - anyone want to join me?

Luv Lucy

17 March 2010

The Drama Queen

I've already used one cat flap to get this far and I'm glad you don't expect me to use the one in this door too. The opened door will do very nicely thank you.

Mum, can you come here a minute please, oh there you are I thought you hadn't heard me - I've finished with the newspaper so you can throw it was now if you don't want it.
Just a bit more training required and she will be quite suitable.
Luv Hannah

16 March 2010

Not us

Hello everyone

The old one

Someone must have got in and done this to our scratchpole - that wasn't very nice of them was it - and guess who mum thought had done it - as if!! Here we are two innocent young lady kitties when we were so totally not there when it got wrecked.

The new one

This is what Mum brought home with her when she had been shopping yesterday - we hope no-one comes and spoils this one too. I think we will take turns at guarding it between naps.

Luv Hannah & Lucy

15 March 2010

Sorry no pictures today

Hello everyone

We are sorry there are no pictures on our blog today but they wouldn't upload - will put professor Mum onto the case and hopefully put some photos up soon.

We have been very helpful today - helping Mum by demanding food - Lucy has just reminded her to put the oven on to cook our chicken for dinner (we like it best warm) and she gets points if she does it's just right and whaps on the legs if it isn't. When she gets enough points we will snuggle with her!!

Luv Hannah & Lucy

13 March 2010

Hello - can we join you please?

Hello my name is Hannah and the picture below is my companion Lucy. I am the boss because I am about one month older than her. I sometimes let her be boss when we have done something naughty and I look all hurt when we are told off - then she gets the blame!!
As Hannah said my name is Lucy - I'm only saying it because she thinks that as she's older she can speak for me and I'll be quiet and let her but I just let her think that. Older maybe but not necessarily wiser.
The one thing we agree on is that we would like to make some new friends and join in with all your fun. We promise to try and get our Mum to post most days for us as we are still to young to reach all the letters on the keyboard.
Please if you see this post come by and leave us a message.
Luv Hannah & Lucy