13 March 2010

Hello - can we join you please?

Hello my name is Hannah and the picture below is my companion Lucy. I am the boss because I am about one month older than her. I sometimes let her be boss when we have done something naughty and I look all hurt when we are told off - then she gets the blame!!
As Hannah said my name is Lucy - I'm only saying it because she thinks that as she's older she can speak for me and I'll be quiet and let her but I just let her think that. Older maybe but not necessarily wiser.
The one thing we agree on is that we would like to make some new friends and join in with all your fun. We promise to try and get our Mum to post most days for us as we are still to young to reach all the letters on the keyboard.
Please if you see this post come by and leave us a message.
Luv Hannah & Lucy


  1. Hi Hannah and Lucy and their mum! Welcome! Careful, you will be overwhelmed fairly quickly. LOL. We joined the Blogosphere in oh, we don't know, the end of December or perhaps early January (we'd already been blogging for a while, though) and now we can barely keep up. Okay, our human can barely keep up, slacker that she is. Good help is so hard to find. Huh.

    Anyway, you both are gorgeous girls and we're looking forward to reading all about your adventures.

    We're Annie, Nicki and Derry in southeastern Ontario, Canada, and our blog is Fuzzy Tales.

    Purrs and kitty kisses to all!

  2. Hi, Hannah & Lucy. We saw your comment on the CB and panicked when we found there was no link. But we found you in Mr. Linky. Whew! And we came by to meet you. Kea is right. You'll soon be overwhelmed! But it's good cause you won't be lonely here. You'll meet lots of new friends.

  3. Lurking for 3 months? Well, you had time to settle in, then, so that's okay. We're all adoptees from shelters here too!

    You also could email KC at the Blogosphere with the news that you are new, briefly introduce yourself and provide your blog link. KC will get it up, front and centre. And keep adding your blog titles to the linkies.

  4. Hi Hannah and Lucy.Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. We're glad to see you've got your blog up and running. Mum was going to email your mum, but she sees you found where to put your link on the CB. It's an idea to put the title of your post next to your name on the link, but you don't have to if you don't want to.
    You are two pretty girls, but of course you know that.

  5. Hi Hannah & Lucy, Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! I am so glad to meet you!


  6. Hi ya, Hannah and Lucy! It's so nice to meet you both! And welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We can't want to hear more about you two!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  7. Hi Hannah, Hi Lucy...
    Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere.
    It is so good to meet you bof.
    Can't wait to learn more about you.
    Iffen you haf any questions, please let me know.
    Love & Purrs,

  8. Hi you two! It's nice to meet you. We're a floofy and a silky & slender gal too. We're sure you are going to have much fun sharing your adventures with the cat blogosphere.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  9. Hi there you two sweeties!!! Welcome to the CB!! It will be fun getting to know you better!!

    Purrs Goldie,Shade and Banshee

  10. Hello you two! It's nice to meet you both. If you have any luck in getting your Mum to post daily, could you let us know how you managed it? You will have lots of fun on the CB and meet many interesting cats.

    Whicky Wuudler

  11. Hi there Hannah and Lucy. Sure is nice to meet you. We are a huge family, so you will have to meet all of us a little at a time. There are 18 of us living here because our silly mom took in all of us because no one was feeding us. Anyway a big welcome to you and we will be back to visit, that is for sure

  12. Hello Hannah, hello Lucy and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. Come and visit me some time, I have 4 sisters and they keep me busy. There is lots of fun things to do in the Cat Blogosphere (fondly known at CB) so jump right in and have some fun!

  13. Hi Hannah and Lucy! Nice to meetcha. I hope you have tons of funs playing in the cat blogosphere!

  14. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We can't wait to read all of your adventures.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Welcome to the CAT werld Hannah and Lucy!
    Hannah I'm a tuxie too -- I'm the one without a tail, my sisfur who is also a tuxie has one...I hafta to reminder about that all time! Actually I think it's better being tail-less she likes to strut around twirling her tail and ya know I hafta meow at her a lot -- I'm the boss around here too, so I understand how you feel. I also have one other sisfur, Gracie and two brofurs Jinx and Ping. Drop by sometime and I'll introduce yoo around!

    purr on
    and Welcome to the CB!

    Abby(the manx)

  16. Hello Hannah and Lucy! Pleased to meet you! Welcome to blogging and to the Cat Blogosphere!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  17. Welcome to the Cat Blogoshere, furiends! It's so wonderful to meet you both and we hope that you will come visit us sometime!

  18. Hi Hannah and Lucy, welcome to da Cat Blogosphere! Yoor gonna meet lots of really nice frends here...but da Funny Farm is right! Der are a lot (really a lot) of kitties running around da blogosphere! We'z gonna take over da world some day and den maybe our humans (beans) will learn to do what we want all da time.

  19. Hi, we came to visit via Sparkle, the Designer cats blog. You will make furrends and have fun here! We look forward to getting to know you.

  20. Hi girls


  21. hi hannah and lucy! nice to meet more blogging kitties. there are squillions of blogging cats so you will be making lots and lots of furrends.

    your new furrends,
    yuki, kintaro, & tt
    of kazoku neko

  22. Hi Hannah and Lucy! We're glad to meet you, and look forward to reading your blog! :)

    Your friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  23. Howdy Hannah & Lucy!! We are very pleased to meet you!! I (Samantha) am a Tuxie, too!! We will be back to visit some more!!
    Your TX furiends,

  24. Hello Hannah and Lucy! We have 6 cats (had 8, but my daughter took two with her when she moved) but don't have a 'cat blog' totally. I think it's amazing that we can have blog-friends on the 'other side of the pond'.