16 March 2010

Not us

Hello everyone

The old one

Someone must have got in and done this to our scratchpole - that wasn't very nice of them was it - and guess who mum thought had done it - as if!! Here we are two innocent young lady kitties when we were so totally not there when it got wrecked.

The new one

This is what Mum brought home with her when she had been shopping yesterday - we hope no-one comes and spoils this one too. I think we will take turns at guarding it between naps.

Luv Hannah & Lucy


  1. We know neither of you would ever ruin your scratch post, no matter what your mum might think. (Psst! Unless you are caught on video tape, you are innocent!)

    We hope you enjoy your new one!

  2. Wow, the post monster is lurking about!

  3. We like your old tree, nice cozy cave to snuggle in. We don't care for the ones with flat tops as we don't feel so secure sleeping on a platform. But your mewmie tried and that counts furr something!

  4. I would never break my toys and I know you girls wouldn't either.
    I like your new scratcher
    Happy Saint Catrick's Day to all of you


  5. Of course it wasn't you. Everyone knows it is that bad Nott Me who comes to our houses when we sleep, and does the things we get blamed for