26 March 2010

Our First Pictures

The first picture that Mum took of us when we came home with her was of me - good choice wasn't it. Here I am laid on a Gizzy in Mum's chair wondering where I was and happy that I wasn't in a cage anymore with visitors looking in at us.

And this is the first picture that Mum took of me the day we came home with her - she said she hadn't realised just how fluffy my tail was until she saw this picture. Mum was one of the visitors that Lucy mentioned who came to look at all the cats at the re-homing centre.

Mum had come to the centre to adopt one young cat but when she saw both of us looking pitiful she just changed her mind and applied to adopt us both. We had been practising our pitiful look so we were ready when we saw the human we wanted!! Shhh - don't let her know that - she thought it was her idea.


  1. Awwwwww!!!

    Great "pitiful looks"!!!! LOL!!

    I can see how your mum fell instantly in love with the two of you anyhoo as you both are just too lovely and gorgeous!

    Well done mum!

    Take care

  2. Awww, you two tug at our human's heart strings. We're so glad you have a wonderful forever home now.

    BTW, our human has been suckered by those "pitiful" looks too. MOL.

  3. We are so glad tat you were able to convince your mummy to adopt you together. We love siblings!

  4. Y'all made a very wise choice!

  5. Those are wonderful first pics and *picks*!

  6. We are glad you were Gotcha'd. Pitiful looks always work.