20 March 2010

Helping in the Garden

Hannah : Mum is this where you said you wanted this pot moving to?

Mum: That's just right Hannah - thank you very much for all your help this morning.

Later that day...
Mum : Would you like your tea there Hannah you look tired.
Hannah: Please Mum if it's not too much trouble.
Luv Hannah


  1. Helping in the garden is lot of hard work! But we're sure your mum appreciated all your help, Hannah!

  2. You look like you are having fun snoopervising in the garden, Hannah! Oh, there's no trick to getting the awardie off our blog. Just right click on the You Rock cat, save the picture to your desktop and then, sorta say something like what we said..."We have to pass on this award to five of our most Rockin' furrends, no other rules--that's easy!". Then write a post about it, and then put the photo of the award on your sidebar. You do that by going to layout, click add a gadget, then add a photo. If you want a title (top line) and a caption (bottom line) you can write who you got the award from and the date or something cute. Once you've made that, you can move the gadget anywhere on your sidebar you like, at the top or bottom, whatever. Hope that helps.

  3. oh that looks heavy! good job =^_^= all that hard labor deserves extra treats if you ask me MOL

  4. Great job, you deserve extra treats!

  5. What a very good girl you are!

  6. Being a Gardening Cat is hard work. You did a pawsome job! Did you join the Society of Feline Gardeners yet? Jonesie from the Cory Cat blog is the founder and meetings are every thursday at her place. It's truly THE society for cats like you!
    Siena & Chilli

  7. What an awesome helper you are!