24 March 2010


We have been given this award by Wildcatwoodcats and Azreen Sulaiman - thank you very much and we have to say 7 things about ourselves.

1. We were rescued from the RSPCA by our new Mum

2. We are from the same original home but we are not sisters.

3. We love chicken.

4. We sleep with our Mum.

5. We like playing outside.

6. We hide when someone new comes to our home until we sniff then and know them.

7. We don't like going to the vets.

We don't know who has not had this blog with only starting to post about a week ago so if anyone would like to do it please take it and post it on your blog.

This award was from Teri and the cats of Furrydance - thank you.

There are no rules to this one just to pass it on to 5 other blogs and as this the one above we have no idea who hasn't done it so takes it you would like and pass it on to your friends.

Luv Hannah & Lucy


  1. Concats on your awards. We are glad you were able to stay together when you came to your new Forever home.

  2. Congratulations on your awards! We're so glad you were able to stay together too, in your new forever home.

  3. We love learning new things about our friends! We just did our "7" list today too!l

  4. P.S. We'd like to feature you on our Friday post, as part of Friends Friday. If your mom has a photo of you both she'd like to share and would be willing to have up on our site (Fuzzy Tales), along with a link to your blog, email us at keas.fur.family@gmail.com, or alternatively, kea257@gmail.com.

    Otherwise we'll just use text and link that way!

  5. concatulations on your awards!

  6. Those are great awards. Concatulations!