18 March 2010

Should I stay of should I go

A girl has to decided if the weather conditions are suitable for going out for a stroll round the garden - it must not be too cold or 2 windy (because that ruffles my whiskers and makes them untidy and no man cat would want to see me looking like that). I have been reading Daisy's blog and she always looks very demure and she is my roll model.

It didn't seem too warm outside but as it wasn't windy I thought I would take the air and stretch my legs. Also if I run round for a little while I shall be able to eat my chicken better.

Here I am just before I start to do my jogging and exercises - anyone want to join me?

Luv Lucy


  1. We would love to join you! The weather has been pretty nice lately over here in france so we have been spending a lot of our time out in the run!

  2. Lucy, you are very smart to always check the weather before going Outside. Since it isn't too windy, I would love to join you!

  3. We'll join you, Lucy! Just be careful and stay safe out there!

  4. Hey Lucy, when you get done with the exercise part and get to the resting part...I'll help with that!