28 August 2015

Mum's Before Cats and My Shadow.

William who came from a farm

Emma who was Mum's late husband's cat

and Maxie who loved everyone he met

and thought they loved him (he was right!!)

Can you see my shadow?

Mum started to laugh and

she said she could see my shadow

and it looked like a tall duck

with a big bill (beak).


27 August 2015

A Pain in My Neck


My neck was feeling stiff

so I thought it best

to exercise it.

As you can see here I am

stretching my neck

before looking down

and turning my head the other way.

Of course you'll need to relax afterwards

and then eat some freshly cooked chicken

to build up your muscles.


25 August 2015

A Rustle

I can hear something moving

up here in the leaves 

even though I'm on my tiptoes.

I can't smell anything and

I'd like to climb up but I know Mum

is watching me out of the window!!

I'll leave it until she's on the phone again!!


24 August 2015

My Early Morning Jaunt

I got up very early this morning as it was so warm

 next to Mum on the bed,

and I just had to cool off so I climbed up the fence  

which made me feel even hotter

so I decided to sit a while on the garage roof

where I relaxed and enjoyed the gentle breeze

but it suddenly picked up

 and  became quite windy 

but it was lovely feeling it blowing in my fur.


21 August 2015

20 August 2015

My Ess


I love my Ess

and often sit against it

Here I am using the scratching part

but I did remember

to smile nicely for the camera lady.