8 December 2016

In the Garden


Good Morning everyone.

I love being in the garden

pottering about

and enjoying the sunshine.

I think I'll rest and maybe have a nap.


6 December 2016

Oh No!!


Go away Mum

as I'm feeling rather tired

and I'm going to spend

a while with my eyes tight shut

pretending I'm asleep.



Mum's on the phone again

so I took a nap

while she was rabbiting on

and somehow her papers got ripped.


5 December 2016

Having Fun


I love having lots of toys

and enjoy whapping my fishy

I sometimes sit against our tunnel

and wait patiently and smile to myself

as I can see Hannah

keeping an eye on me!


My Un Nap!


I've been trying to take a nap

and half shut my eyes

but Mum keeps walking about

so I pretend I can't see her

and put my paw on my nose

and my tongue out at her!