16 April 2014

Lunch Time

My tummy is telling me

it's nearly time for lunch

so I hope it's ready

on my dish

and Mum will serve me with a smile


15 April 2014

Sniffin' and Sleepin'

I was walking along the fence minding

my own business

and to sniff for intruders

then I jumped on to the conservatory

to have a good look round

before going inside for a snooze.

14 April 2014

Roof Watching

I climbed up here

and looked around before finding

a tasty cobweb to nom

and while I digested it

I had a good look round

and gave Mum a call to come outside

12 April 2014


I'm waiting for Mum to turn on the computer

and I wish she'd hurry up because

I might miss something about our friends.

I bet she's talking somewhere (sighs).


11 April 2014

Go Away

I settled down for a nap where 

I thought I'd be safe from the flashy box

but Mum must have ears like a hawk

because she found me and no I wasn't snoring!


10 April 2014

A New Neighbour

We've got a new neighbour 

and he came over to visit us and say

meow to Mum too.

We hope we will be good friends

although Hannah whispered to Mum

"He'd better not steal MY chicken".