25 July 2016

A Hot Day


It looks like being another hot day Lucy.

Don't tell me about it Hannah

I feel as though I've been pickled so I'm going to go inside
and get some cold water

Well Lucy I've found stretching out early

and leaving my tummy on view

is the only way to get any air in my furs

so you'll have to excuse my lack of attention.


22 July 2016

Sitting in the Sunshine

I've been relaxing in the sunshine

 enjoying the warmth

and meowed to Mum

to come and sit next to me

while I enjoyed the sun on my face.


21 July 2016

Looking for Lucy


I've been looking for Lucy

but I haven't seen her any where.

I've been down by the fence

and now I'm coming back

but I still can't see her

19 July 2016

I'm Sleepy


I woke up feeling tired today

and have only managed to open

one eye up to now.

Mum is trying to encourage me

to get out of my bed

but I'm going to ignore her!

18 July 2016

Trying to Hide


I'm trying to hide from Hannah

and the last time I saw her

she was on the garden seat but now she's 
mooching by the fence

and I hope she'll soon move on

 because I'm feeling rather hungry and I don't
want to share.