21 August 2014

Quiet as a Mouse

Hannah had been in the garden

and came in to look for me.

I was as quiet as a mouse

and she didn't know I was watching her!!


19 August 2014

My Newspaper

Mum had started to read the newspaper

when the telephone rang.

She was on the phone for ages

talk about rabbit, rabbit rabbit!!!

I closed my eyes and took a nap.


18 August 2014

Taking it Easy

Mum made the bed

and it seemed rude to ignore it

so I settled down

and posed nicely for a picture

before I took my nap.


17 August 2014

An Award

We have been given this great award

by Dezi

Thank you very much Dezi.

We are to pass this on to some more bloggers

but we can't remember who has had it

so if you haven't received it and would like it

please come and take it and put it on your blog.

16 August 2014



Lucy says



15 August 2014

Our Flag

We won a flag in a competition

over at The Cat on My Head blog

Mum has put in on the kitchen wall for us.