31 March 2015

Blankie Kicking

I'm going to have a game of blankie kicking

when I've properly woken up

and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

I find it's a great start to the day

when it's too windy to go fence walking.


30 March 2015

Come Outside

Lucy are you coming outside

I know you're not asleep.

It's not cold out here

as the sun is coming out

but if you don't answer me

I'll lean on this door until it squeaks!!


We would like to thank Dezi amd Lexi for the
Very Inspiring Blogger Award


27 March 2015

My Sunbeam

The sun streamed in the kitchen window

and made me feel all warm and cosy

I wish it would stay right there all day long.


26 March 2015

Lucy and the Black and White Cat

I was looking down the garden 

from the conservatory when I heard

 a huge thump!

Mum went outside to take a look

and saw this cat looking down at her!

He/she quickly jumped down off the roof

and started going down the garden on the fence.

Mum wondered if he/she was going to jump down

as he/she started to look down at Lucy 

 who had gone outside to look.

Mum made her go back inside

so he jumped down, tapped the window

 and waved her goodbye.


25 March 2015

Sleepless Wednesday!

I was feeling rather sleepy

but the photographer didn't care

I so wish she'd go out and leave me in peace.

24 March 2015

Our Stroll

We both went over our neighbour Elaine's

garage roof

and then Lucy moved on to the wall

and from there to the pillar

Hannah followed her over and

stood watching

for her to come back.


22 March 2015

Yum Yum

It's time for my lunch

Do you like my new mat?

Nom, Nom, Nom

I do love my chicken.