30 June 2015

The Hots

It is very hot today

and my thick fur if making me even hotter.

I've been trying to sleep on the bed

to stay cool but now

I think I'll move over

and sit near the window

where I may get a bit of a breeze.



29 June 2015

Monday Mooching


I'm mooching about as

it was so hot here yesterday

there wasn't even a breath of air.

I climbed up onto the fence

in the hope of some fresh air

but not even a leaf

was stirring.


26 June 2015

Summer in the Garden

It's been lovely this week

and I've spent lots of time

mooching in the garden

making sure we haven't had any intruders.

I've also been hiding in the jasmine leaves

and wondering

if Mum will notice

if I ambush Hannah.


25 June 2015

24 June 2015

Sunny Days


Sunny days mean that 

I can climb up and go on the conservatory roof

and look out for our neighbour Anna,

but as she wasn't in I went to see Elaine next door

but she wasn't there either - are they trying to avoid me?

I meowed to Mum and she came and lifted me down

and gave me some treats.


23 June 2015

A Rustle


I'm sure I heard something down here

I meowed Hannah and she came to help me

but we couldn't see anything

and can't understand it.

 I'm sitting here waiting to hear it again

although my tummy is telling me

it's time for my dinner and I'd hate to miss it

but I'll be back when I've eaten.


22 June 2015

My Lookout Post

Lucy stay down there

as I'm going to sit here

and check everything is in order

as I'm sure I can smell an intruder.

Wait!!  Did I hear Mum shout?

I'd better jump down

and check she doesn't need any help in the kitchen.