29 August 2016

It's Very Hot


It's very hot here today

so we are staying outside

as it is the only place

here we can try and keep cool.

We love to see the sun but it is just too hot to do anything.


26 August 2016

I'm Sleepy


I'm very tired today

so please don't make too much noise

as I've found a lovely sun puddle

and I don't want to be disturbed

until it's time for lunch.


25 August 2016

Excuse Me


Oops I'm sorry

I didn't realise you were there

as I didn't hear you come in

but I'll carry on if you don't mind

as I must finish my bath.


23 August 2016

Tuesday Morning


Mum's always in a hurry on a Tuesday

 so I sit quietly outside

and try not to get in her way.

Sometimes she's up

and down the garden moving things about

so I feel quite exhausted and ready for a nap.

22 August 2016

Please Leave Me Alone


Mum wants me to come in and eat my breakfast

but I've only just woken up

so I'll just rest here

in the hope that

I'll get another nap.