9 February 2016



I'm spending this morning relaxing

and taking a leisurely bath

before having

a well earned sleep.


8 February 2016

My Lunch


I'm feeling rather hungry 

as I overslept this morning

so Mum gave me a dish of delicious chicken.

By the way she brought me this rather nice mat

so I don't make a mess on the floor!

As if I would!?!?!


5 February 2016

What Weather!


It's very cold today and although the sun came out briefly

Mum says it's going to start to rain soon

so I'll have to go inside then

before my fur gets too wet


4 February 2016

My Bucket


Mum was laughing at me

when I curled up in here and started to have a wash

and said I looked quite cute

even though it looked like I was in a bucket!!


3 February 2016

Please Don't Disturb Me


I've just checked that Lucy's not behind me

as I hate it when she comes

and sits there

so I'm going to try and watch her

while trying not to stare!



2 February 2016

I'm Sleepy


I crawled onto this shelf

as I was feeling sleepy

and snuggled here

where Mum puts her old t-shirts and fleeces

so we've got a warm place to snooze in.