29 April 2016



Hi there everyone it's a lovely day today

and I went to where there was

some shade under the garden seat

but after a while I got bored

and asked Mum to open the door for me

and went inside and decided

to take a well earned nap.


28 April 2016

Fence Walking


Mum I've been meowing to Anna

while walking on the fence.

She said to say hello to you

and gave me lovely scritches

before she went shopping with her friend.


26 April 2016

Hello There


I'm up on the roof again

as I wondered if there was any tempting food up there!

and to make Mum splutter and cry out

for me to come down

but at least I didn't scare her by crawling down under

the solar panels!

NB  I might just give her a little scare if my dinner

isn't up to scratch!!


25 April 2016

Watching Mum


I 'm sitting very quietly

so I can keep an eye on Mum.

She's got a piece of chicken for me and is waiting

for the oven to get hot

I hope she'll watch over it and won't let it overcook

so I'll watch her watching the chicken

from somewhere much closer to my dish.


22 April 2016

A Lovely Day


I'm going to go outside this morning

as the sun is really quite warm.

I'm enjoying a good sniff round

to make sure we haven't had any uninvited guests.

The moss is all soft and bouncy

and there's nothing better than

a good roll about on it

before Mum makes me go inside.