1 December 2015

Sitting in a Circle


Don't ask me why

I'm sitting in a circle

with the cold wind blowing

and ruffling my furs.

It's making my eyes water too 

so I've had to turn away and I'm going to go inside

and that's where I'm going to stay.


30 November 2015

I'm Bored


It's cold, windy and drizzly damp

so there's not much to do except take a bath

and watch out for Mum

in case she's got me something tasty for me to nibble


27 November 2015

My Nap


The sun was shining earlier

and it made me feel very sleepy.

I can feel Hannah watching me

and I wish she'd go away

as I can't relax while her eyes are everywhere!


26 November 2015

It's Very Windy


It's lovely and sunny

but there's a strong wind blowing.

Mum wants me to come down from here

but I love to look around although I must admit

I'm feeling rather cold and windswept

 so maybe she's right!



25 November 2015

My Boing


I love to whap my boing

and pull it over

before letting it go


and giving Hannah

a fright!!


24 November 2015

My Exercise


I like to keep supple

and try to exercise every day

I stretch up here

as far as I can reach

before taking a well earned rest

and a nap.