27 September 2016

My Sunshiny Day


I love sitting in the conservatory

enjoying the lovely sunshine.

I can see down the garden

and I can't see Lucy anywhere

which leaves me feeling happy

oh dear!

and lost my place!


26 September 2016

My Chicken Dinner


I love my chicken dinner

and Mum cuts it up for me.

I've got her well trained

and I eat every single piece

as it seems a shame to leave it!


22 September 2016

Me and My Shadow


Even though autumn is setting in it's sunny

 and quite warm today,

and I'm sitting under the garden seat

and enjoying the lovely weather.

After a while I jumped up on the bench

and checked out that no strangers had been there
 for me to deal with!!


21 September 2016

20 September 2016

Hannah's Waiting


I'm waiting for Mum

and sitting very quietly

while trying to listen and hear

 if Mum's opened the oven door

to get me

my warm chicken dinner.

Nom Nom - it's very delish.