31 July 2015

Just Checking


I'm just checking to see if I'm alone 

as I'd like to come in

after I've rubbed my chin on the door to stop it itching

A'ha that feels better!!

 Wonderful I see I'm alone so

I'll take control of this comfy bed

and make sure that no-one else will be able

to push me out without a few claw marks


30 July 2015

Where's the Sun?


We're sitting on Elaine's roof

looking round to see if the sun

will show it's face today.

We hope it will as it's supposed to be summer

here and it's very windy only 10 C degrees today!


28 July 2015

A Fun Morning

It's a damp old day so Mum opened a bag of toys

and pulled some out for us to play with.

Lucy grabbed this

and Hannah chose this grey mousie

and also an assortment of whapable toys

while Lucy kept a firm hold on a blue mousie

with a long white tail.

and also her assortment of whappable ones

while Hannah gathered her favourites together 

so there's no chance of a swap!


27 July 2015

I'm Sleepy

Please take the flashy box away Mum

and you know I've not woken up properly yet.

so kindly tip toe away

BTW I wondered on the off chance is there 

any chicken for breakfast?



24 July 2015

My Morning Stroll

Lucy set off along the fence

making sure she stepped over the fence posts.

She paused now and again to have a look round.

When she was sure that Mum wasn't looking

she jumped up on the roof to have a quick look round

then came back down hoping that she hadn't  been missed.


23 July 2015

Hannah's "Happy" Morning

Mum pulled out a bag of toys and 

tossed some on the floor.

Hannah started to whap them about

and loved the mouse with the tweedy coat

She found the bright coloured ones

such fun and made her feel quite silly.