26 May 2016

My Fence Walk


The sun is shining

and I went up on the fence

and walked along the top

before I sat on the garage roof

enjoying the feel

of the sun on my face.


25 May 2016

Wordy Wednesday


Do you ever get the feeling

that you are being watched?

because sometimes

I do!


24 May 2016

I'm Tired


I haven't woken up properly yet

so am just looking out the window

but it's a sunny day

as the weather man promised

so I'll just relax here until Mum shouts me to get my breakfast.


23 May 2016

Not So Close Please


Mum please step back

and give me time to focus

I've only just come outside

and it's started to drizzle

so now I'm back inside

and am hoping for a snack.


20 May 2016

Just Mooching About


I'm doing nothing but mooching about

and enjoying the lovely sunshine.

It's lovely just sitting

and I'm wondering why

I don't do it more often.


19 May 2016

No Mum


As I said earlier Mum

I don't want to pose

for the camera today

so just back off with the flashy box

and leave me in peace.