24 June 2016

Finally Friday


It's time for a nap

as my eyes are very tired.

I was hoping Mum would come and sit with me

for a while but she didn't stay very long

as she wanted to relax with her feet up!


23 June 2016

Mum caught me Napping


I was relaxing quietly in my chair

when Mum called me for my lunch.

I kept very quiet while deciding whether to go or not

but decided to try a morsel or two and it was very tasty

and I decided to take a nap.

When I woke up a little bit later 

(Unfortunately Mum had caught me napping
and I swear it was only the smallest of naps!)

so now

every one knows that I did!!!


19 June 2016

Trying to get Comfy


I'm trying to get comfy

as I'd like to take a nap

but the flashy box appeared

so I pulled the cosy blankie down

to make myself a bed

Please go away

while I take a bath

and put my fur in order.


Sitting Pretty


I love to sit up here

and look all around

while feeling the cool breeze

blowing in my furs.


17 June 2016

The Watering Can

Mum fetched the watering can and left it outside

.when she went to start her dinner.

Lucy remained sitting there outside on the doormat.

but after a while Hannah looked at the watering can

and give it a careful sniff before walking away as she

could smell chicken and didn't want to miss her dinner..