24 April 2015

Mum's Gone Mad

Mum went mad a couple of days ago

and cut down the winter jasmine

I was upset because I liked hiding in there

and I got a puffy tail

Why has she done it?

You may well ask!!

She's going to paint the fence!

Well I hope she doesn't get paint on my toesies.


21 April 2015

An Intruder

I came outside this morning

and could smell a stranger.

I set off to follow their scent

and found it was strong just here

so I took a deep sniff

but  I didn't recognise it.

 I will make sure that I'll find out who it was.


20 April 2015

My Interupted Nap

I stretched out on a blankie

and got quite comfy

but then Lucy arrived

and interrupted my nap

Thank goodness there's only room for me just here. 


17 April 2015

Window Watching


I've been having a lovely bath

while sitting in the sunshine.

Now my paws are very clean

it's time to have a rest

and a relaxing nap.

Please be quiet as you leave.


16 April 2015

Tail Trouble

I'm having trouble

with my tail

and my furs

as you will see.

I'll be glad

when the blustery wind dies down

and gives me a break!