19 October 2014

18 October 2014

Keeping Warm

I'm sitting on this chair

right up to the radiator

I'm lovely and toasty warm.


17 October 2014

Beware : Ambush

I felt a little bit naughty

so I hid inside this jasmine

and waited to pounce

but no-one walked by!


16 October 2014

My Pretend Stroll

I  went outside for a stroll this morning

so Mum found me some sunny pictures to cheer us up

and pretended we had got a nice day

The wind was quite cold so I came back inside

and sharpened my claws.

How lazy is that?

btw  we are going stir crazy with the wet weather

and Mum says she feels the same

14 October 2014

Lazy Bones

My purple mouse had gone missing

and I asked Mum to help find it

It didn't take long as it was against my back paws

(which I knew but don't tell)

I was just too lazy to move!


13 October 2014

Cat Television

We know some of you have heard about

the Cat Watch 2014 experiment in England

on one of our TV channels last week

At first I didn't take much notice and napped but

after a while the meowing woke me up,

There were 100 cats all from one street being filmed

both inside and outside their homes

After a while I paid more attention to it, 

some homes had 10 cats living in their houses

 while some shared homes and their human's beds too! 

Some cats called at many homes for a chat and a meal

with their friends and families before going home 

to their own homes.