27 March 2010

Watching for Birdies

I'm going to be first today - Hannah always muscles in and takes top slot - but this is fighting talk - no more being miss nice girl.

Here I am sitting in the window watching for birds coming into the garden - it isn't a very big garden so we don't get too many bird visitors but I don't like to be rude and miss their visits (and the chance of a game of chase).

I am sitting here on the back of the chair watching too in the hope that I can have a laugh at Lucy's antics of trying to catch the birdies - it hasn't happened yet much to Mum's relief.

Can you believe our Mum is frightened of birdies - the wuss.
Mum here - I'm not frightened of birds but a don't like having to pick them up and if they flutter in my hands I freak out!!


  1. We think that it is great to watch birdies - but we don't get to chase them (unless one ever got in our house - then we would do it). Our mom isn't a big fan of birdies either - at least when they are too close by - she likes to watch them outside though.

  2. We love watching birdies too!

    But we're confused, 'cause this post is dated Saturday!

  3. I think Blogger is having a hiccup right now, as it was doing something odd moments ago, while I was trying to upload a photo to my personal, non-cat blog.

    BTW, I'd like to feature Hannah and Lucy on my blog on Friday, as part of Friends Friday. If you have a photo of them you'd be willing to allow me to post, great. If not, I'll just link via text! Thanks!

  4. We agree! Watching birdies through the window is lots of fun!

  5. The other day, a silly blue tit managed to fly into the kitchen and it took about 30 seconds for Yuu-Chan to catch it. Another 30 seconds for # to catch Yuu-Chan and retrieve bird from his mouth. Fortunately, he was unharmed. Phew!

  6. both of you have really nice white socks on. I like that! Happy birdie watchiing. I have bloo ones in my yard. They are very nice.


  7. We like watching the fev-vers too, but mum doesn't like us catching them.

  8. My kitties are obsessed with watching birdies :). They can stay by the window for hours :)

  9. Oh love to watch the birdies!!! But I am not allowed to bother them or "she" would be very upset. And if momma aint happy, I'm not going to be happy because then I don't get my snacks!

    Have a great weekend Lucy and Hannah!

  10. I like to watch the birdies, too. I talk to them, as well, but I am not allowed outside, so I can't chase them.


  11. We found you through Fuzzy Tales. You are such cute kitties!

  12. Hi girls, we are friends of Fuzzy Tales and wanted to stop by and say hello...You are both beautiful and we look forward to getting to know you better...We love Bird TV too!...Happy weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Birdies are pawsitively the best to watch. We have a pair of fatberds (mom calls them wild pidgeons) visiting and they make us chatter like nothing else. Yesterday mom found a heap of blackbird feathers on the wall. Uh oh!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  14. Awwwww

    I'm with mum on this one I'm afraid Lucy and Hannah. I always freak out when I have to rescue these poor things!

    Have a great day bird-watching!

    Take care

  15. Lucy and Hannah, you sure are cute kitties and pretty too. Good to meet you. Looks like you have a very nice blog. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a great week end.

  16. Enjoy your birdie watching!! We love watching them birdies too!

  17. Bird watching is a great sport!

  18. Hi there! We came by from Fuzzy Tales to meet you. You two look very cute :)

  19. Hi Hannah and Luzie, we came from fuzzy Tales too.
    Nice to meet you!
    We love birdwatching too. It is great!
    Luna,Luzie and Olli

  20. Much to Momma's dismay, Gandalf use to catch many little birdies and bring them inside. She had to catch them and bring them back out to the trees to fly away... Except a few of them and some squirrels got deaded. Now it is just a spectator sport since we are Not Allowed Outside anymore.

  21. I saw a photo of Hannah and Lucy at Fuzzy Tales and wanted to stop by!!
    I love your blog! All the photos are very lovely and cute :)

    Lucy has such a beautiful white scarf and matching white gloves, how cute!

    My Amanda is a classic brown tabby and she has "M" marking just like Lucy.

  22. Hi Hannah and Lucy.
    We were visiting Fuzzy Tales and we thought we'd drop in and introduce ourselves.

    I'm Abby a tuxie manx and that's Boo over there she's my tuxie sister (but it's easy to tell us apart, I don't have a tail and she does), this is my other sister Gracie who's a gray tabby, and that's Jinx and Ping. Ping is the orange tabby and Jinx is the gray tabby, they are real blood brothers.

    We all love bird watching and we have a screened in porch were we can lay for hours watching cardinals, and finches and of course lizards and squirrels.

    It has been fun meeting you.

  23. Hi Lucy & Hannah!! We saw you over at Fuzzy Tales and had to come see such sweet kitties! Looks like you have your Mom well trained and are living in the lap of luxury...as any cat should!!
    Have fun blogging!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  24. We heard about you at Fuzzy Tales! Hi! That is funny! We kitties like the birdies cause of the fluttering!