31 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Toesday by Hannah

Do Not Disturb

This is where I've decided to have my first nap of the day. Hmmm think I'd better have a quick bath first.

That's better I'm getting really sleepy now and I think that will be the last washy lick - now my furs are just purrfect.

Mum - please leave quietly and hang the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign by the door.

30 May 2010


Mum brught something home wrapped up in the lovliest, crinkliest, crunkliest, noisiest brown paper ever. I just had to make sure it was all mine so I whapped it off the table onto the floor

and scrunched it up

it makes a very satisfying crunckle when I roll on it.

29 May 2010

Saturday Studies

As Hannah is on lookout duties again today

I think I'll do a little revising for an important test. Here I am studying in the inside of my eyelids. I think I must spend more time on this.

Have a relaxing Saturday everybuddy.

28 May 2010

Onwards and Upwards

It is a lovely clear morning and I jumped up on a pillar down the garden and had a quick look round in case there had been any intruders.

I looked left:

and I looked right it was all clear.

before jumping up on the fence and setting off towards the roof where I get a better view all round.

Then Mum and I had a chat:
Hannah: By the way Mum the guttering is rather dirty.
Mum : If I pass you the cloths you can clean it while you're up there.
Hannah: I think not - gutter cleaning in not part of my contract.

Mum can be rather OTT sometimes

27 May 2010

The Intrepid Wonder Cat

Lucy is looking up - what's up there?

Is it a big splodge of birdie poop?

Is it a headless cat? - that's very scary indeed.

Wait a minute - let's take another look - we would recognise that tail anywhere.

It's Hannah - the intrepid wonder cat!!

24 May 2010

Chickhen Face

As you know Hannah is very fond of chickhen freshly cooked and served warm.

Here she is head down and eating, she keeps her head low

and doesn't let Lucy get anywhere near her dish

In fact Lucy and I exchanged glances this morning and she shook her head as if to say sisfurs.

23 May 2010


Here is a picture of me waiting for my breakfast.

I am like a coiled spring ready to bound to my dish in one leap when it's ready.

What is taking so long Mum? Hurry up and get of the phone - gossip can wait until later!!

22 May 2010

Watch the Birdies

Lucy got very excited earlier this year when a nest was built in this tree.

There has been some baby birdies born in that nest and their parents have been fetching them food. They have now started to fly and keep landing on our conservatory roof before flying back to the tree. Hannah is getting very interested in their activities as you can see.

As we have a clear roof she can see them and they are taunting her by walking above her head.

In her excitement the elegant black cat sitting on the window sill has been knocked to the floor and if you biggify this next picture:

you can see her ear is chipped.
When I showed Hannah the damage I am sure she put her tongue out at me and said tough!!

21 May 2010


We have been practicing synchronized napping for weeks and

we think we may have pulled it off.

We will keep practicing though cos practice makes perfect!!

20 May 2010

Hide and Seek

We were playing hide and seek earlier today and Hannah just couldn't find me.

First she was looking one way and then she was looking the other way and she still couldn't find me.

Can somebuddy please give Hannah a paw to find me cos I want to come out for my tea.

I'm frightened that I will be forgotten under here.

19 May 2010

Keep Fit Part III

These exercises are for doing outside in the garden.

First find a stem and give in a good wack with your left paw and repeat 3 times (I must apologise for the quality of this picture as Mum couldn't keep up with the speed of my paw). Sometimes you just wonder at their fitness!!

Change to your right paw and repeat as before (I had a stern word with Mum and she seems to have got her act together now and this picture is much better)

Thirdly find a lower stem and really stretch your back when you wack them - repeat 3 times with both paws.

Then have a good stretch of your back and relax.

Most impawtantly don't forget you will need a personal trainer to snoopervise and offer advice where necessary.

She makes me work really hard and is a bossy boots.

18 May 2010

Keep Fit Part II

On the second day of your exercise regime touch your butt with your nose while holding your right back leg aloft and hold for a count of 10. Put leg down and repeat with your left back leg. Do this exercise three times on both sides.

BTW if you are sore from yesterday's exercises do check with your meowmy before you continue on this exacting programme.

17 May 2010

Starting The Week With Keep Fit

I've decided to do exercises in a morning to keep myself in tip top form.

First - stretch your back once whilst holding on to the scratch post and hold for 10 seconds

Second - do your neck exercises - turn your head to the left and to the right and repeat once more.

Third - relax and take a well earned rest.

16 May 2010

Snoozy Sunday

Mum asked me what I'd like to put on our blog today and I've thought and thought about it but all that thinking has made me tired.

Your decide for me please Mum.

15 May 2010

Hunger Pangs

Mum I've been helping you in the garden all morning - is it dinner time yet?
I'm going off to a shadow.

14 May 2010


I'm hiding under this stool Because Mum has a job for me.

Today I have been ordered to be a paperweight.
This pile of rubbish somehow fell on the floor yesterday (Lucy and I have no idea how it happened).

After all Lucy and I were down the garden when it happened.

Honest !!

13 May 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for a snooze and a snuggle on our gizzy quilt while laying on Mum's legs.

Hannah is out and about somewhere so she hasn't pushed me off my warm spot with her big butt in order to steal it from me like she usually does.

11 May 2010

Toes and Tummy Tuesday

Here is a picture of a beautifully clean and cared for paw complete with white sock and manicured claws.

Now they are perfect I have turned my attention to my white tummy - still lots of licks to go until it is perfect.

When all my cleaning is done I think I'll deserve a nap.