15 May 2010

Hunger Pangs

Mum I've been helping you in the garden all morning - is it dinner time yet?
I'm going off to a shadow.


  1. :) Sweet, helpful Lucy!! Such innocent looks!

    Lucy love, I am sure a hearty dinner awaits you! :)

    Lucky sends his purrs to you too!

    Have a great weekend and be good, safe and sweet!

  2. Aww ...
    Thanks for putting up Lucky's photo.
    Lucky love Hannah&Lucy + mum so much much!

  3. Oh Lucy!!!!

    Awwww you poor thing - look at you, practically wasting away!! I hope your mum has now given you tons of extra treats and other yummy goodies to feed you up, especially after helping her all morning in the garden.


    Me and Charlie hope that Hannah got her treats too for her stint as Pawper Weight Extraordinaire yesterday! :-)

    Take care

  4. Gardening is very hard work!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  5. Working your poor lil' toes to the bone! You look absolutely famished.

  6. All work and no food, Lucy?!!...Poor sweet girl, we hope you got stinky goodness right after this adorable photo was taken...You are a beauty Lucy; have a fun weekend with your beautiful sister...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. I bet you are hungry after all that work!

  8. You deserve a good meal after all that!

  9. Oh, poor Lucy. We hope you got your food. You look so famished.

  10. Sorry we've been so slow visiting you in the last few days!
    You've been working too hard! This is what I do - I have a very operatic meow reserved specially to let my mummy know I'm hungry. I use it any time I want food. Even at 3am. And then I scratch at the nearest door accessible to me so both my parents wake up. mawmawhaw!