31 July 2012

Under the Table

I've been hiding under the kitchen table

waiting for mum to get a snack

She knows I'm here as I've just meowed to let her know

She knows I'm watching her every move in case she forgets I'm here

Mum says:

There's not much chance of that - I can feel  her eyes 
following me!

30 July 2012

Homeward Bound

I've been sitting on our neighbours roof
but now I'm feeling hungry

Hey Mum!!

Don't go inside yet as I'm feeling rather weak

Can you lift me down please

I think I'm ready for a snack.


28 July 2012

Waiting for Breakfast

I'm sitting on the wall

before it gets too hot for me

and checking all is well

before moving on 

and jumping down into a shady spot

and waiting for Mum

to bring me out my breakfast!


27 July 2012

Roof Patrol

Lucy shouts

"Mum can you hear me?"

Mum tells her she can see and hear her.

Lucy looks back to where the birdies live in the tree

and Hannah tells her it is all quiet there so she goes
further along the roof for another look

where she thinks they may be hiding

but there's not even an old crow to chase and torment.

26 July 2012

Just Watching

We've been sitting in the shade

listening to the birdies having a gossip.

It has been very hot here (for us in the UK in the 80's)

and Hannah wished she could take her fur coat off

so she stayed in the shade

while Lucy did the garden patrol for Mum


24 July 2012

Three for Tuesday

I thought I'd take a nap

and settled down to snooze

but Mum arrived with the flashy box

and spoiled the moment so!

Please visit me at the Tabby Cat Club

for more of my delicious toesies



23 July 2012

Hannah's Ess

I'm just watching

my silly sisfur

playing with her Ess

she loves it so and plays with it

for hours, and hours, and hours!


21 July 2012

The Flashy Box

Saturday is a day for sleep and relaxation

unless you hear the flashy box

then there's no rest for both of us

while Mum is round about

she wants to take more pictures

Enough we cry no more, no more

but alas

she doesn't know when to stop!


20 July 2012

Finally Friday

Here I am

staring at my paws.

What shall I do next?

I'll look up at the sky a while

and then I'll have a rest.


17 July 2012

A Sad Tuesday

We are very sad today as we have lost two friends

Sweet Alex who has been very sick 

has gone to Rainbow Bridge

he will be missed so much by his family 

and friends at the Cat Blogosphere 

and also

the lovely K from Pillars of Strength

who has gone to roam the mountains at Rainbow Bridge

and we send love to his Mom who will miss him so much


16 July 2012

15 July 2012

Purring for Poppy Vic

We are purring out best purrs and purraying for 

Poppy Vic

who is still fighting his biggest fight
against this evil disease cancer, 

as are many, many people around the world

He will soon be starting some new procedures and we are
hoping that they will stop it advancing further.

Please include Vic and Ann in your prayers and visit to give 
them both your love and support and let them know
that they are not standing alone in their fight.


14 July 2012

Knot Me!

I was just having a quiet moment

under the garden seat

but what happened to disturb me?

my sister and her string!!

I'm off or she'll be practising her knots on me