20 January 2017

The Winter Jasmine


I love the winter Jasmine

and it's pretty yellow flowers

and I love to hide from Mum here

when she doesn't know where I am!

I pretend I haven't seen her

and she soon comes to find me

 and wants to know if I'm hungry and want my tea.

as if!!!


19 January 2017



A couple of years ago Mum stepped back

and accidentally stepped on Hannah's Paw

and she needed to get her urgently to the vet.

While Mum was getting Hannah into her carrier

Lucy sat quietly on a cushion and sneezed and

found a fevver and nearly blew Mum off her feet!


15 January 2017

Sitting in the Hall


I love to sit in the hall

and watch Mum going up and down

but I don't watch her too closely

as it makes her

get rather cross!


Looking Out the Window


I love to look out the window

and watch for the birds

flying about and hate it

when Lucy joins me there and spoils it

by looking up on the conservatory roof.

13 January 2017

Sitting in the Sunshine


I've been sitting in the sun

and it was wonderful

when I rolled over.

Mum was miffed though

when I put my tongue out at her!