Hannah's Story

I was born into a house that was "home" to over a hundred cats.

The RSPCA came there and rescued me and lots of other kittens and adult cats.  None of us had been neutered or given innoculations or any health care.  We lady cats were given hooha-ectomies and got treated for fleas and had our first jabs.  Then we were put in the cattery with 5-6 of us to a run as there were so many of us.

Our Mum had just had to have Emma (who came before) put to sleep as her kidneys were failing and she also had bad arthritis and was struggling to get about (she was between 19 and 20 years old).  She came looking for a cat of between 1 and 2 years old and she happened to call in just after we had been put  in the cattery so that potential new owners could see us.  As she walked in I looked her straight in the eye and hypnotised her - she came over and spoke to us all and moved on to the next cage but I kept staring at her back and she returned and said she would like to hold me.  The cattery lady opened the cage and put me in her arms and her heart somersaulted and she said she wanted me although I was only about 6 months old.  The lady from the cattery added that they hoped they were going to rehome us in twos or more as we could feel isolated after having been one among so many cats.

I am going to finish my story here - please go to Lucy's story so you can see what happened with her.