Lucy's Story

If you've come here before reading Hannah's story can you please go and read that first as we had the same beginning.

Now I'll start my part of the story.

I came from the same house as Hannah although we had different mothers and probably different fathers too but no one knows!!  I am about a month younger that Hannah or so they told us as the RSPCA.

Now back to where Hannah left off so I could tell some of the story.  When mum had held Hannah for a while she put her back in the cage and stood to think.  She had only come to rescue one cat as she thought it would be best as our "would have been" dad had died a few months earlier and she wasn't sure if she wanted to take more than one cat now she was alone.  She took another look into the cage and saw Hannah and me snuggling up together and she decided "I can't separate them they'll miss each other so much".  She took a deep breath and said I'll take the tabby and white kitty too.

She had to leave us until we had our stitches out about a week later and then she came and fetched us and brought us to our forever home.

Three months later we started blogging and have met so many wonderful humans and their cats and doggies too.