15 June 2012


I was just sitting here peacefully

when there came such a thud up above my head

Lucy had been up on the roof

and had just landed

with a thump above my head


It is our birthday tomorrow and we would like to invite you all to our party.

There will be food, nipitinis and milk drinks for the kittens.

It is open house so come when you like and stay a while.



  1. I am looking forward to your birthday party!

  2. That made us a little worried...where did Lucy jump from to land with a thump on the roof?
    There's going to be 7 of us coming to your party! Whisky would like to come too but she can't fit comfortably in the tunnel so she said she'll stay home and keep Mommy company.

  3. Nothing worse than a loud noise when you don't want one, eh?

    Kizzie will be along to your party.

  4. At least it was "thump above your head" and not "thump on your head."

    We'll be over for your birthday tomorrow.... Yay... Happy Birthday.

    Have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. It's scary when things thump above your head!

    We can't make it to the birthday party, so drink an extra niptini for us. Have a great party, and early happy birthday to you!

  6. Oh no Hannah, a thump on your head. Did it hurt a lot??
    We will all be there tomorrow for the birthday girls and Tees will be leading the way. We can't wait for all that yummy food and toys to play with. We want to go on the roof too. Have a great day.

  7. Well, at least Lucy didn't thump on your head!!

    Tomorrow is Wally's birthday, so we'll be celebrating too!

  8. Awwww lovely Hannah!! It was gorgeous Lucy being all adventurous! Yay!!! Oooooh me and Charlie look forward to your birthdays! Yay! Take care

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  10. Well just ignore that thump,mthe first pic is stunning! We can't wait for your pawty!

  11. Lucy is an adventurous wanderer. At least she lets you know where she is...
    Can't wait for the party!

  12. We are getting our boogie mat checked out for our trip tomorrow to teleport over the pond for the big birthday celebration.

  13. I am getting my ESS detailed (ordered Mommie to clean it) for the party tomorrow.

  14. A birthday party? We will most definitely be there!

    The Chans

  15. Well Hannah, luckly it was a thump and not a kerplunk! :p

    We will all be at the party tomorrow so be prepared for chaos!!
    See you then :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  16. Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Pawty!!!!

  17. A birthday party?? I can't wait!
    We'll come by tomorrow!

    I don't have a roof walker saying, but I have one about roofers..

    Roofers don't retire, they re-tile :) hehe

    Hugs to you, ladies!
    Tom xx

  18. We'll definitely be coming over tomorrow to help you celebrate!!!

  19. NO WAY Lucy weighs enough to make a "thump"!

    We'll be back tomorrow--maybe we can do a re-enactment after a few niptinis!

  20. That thump would have startled me!
    We'll be checking out your party!

  21. It's a good job Lucy thumped on the roof and not on your head. Eric jumped off the roof once and onto the shed roof but landed on a perspex skylight and went right through. He was okay though, just a bit scared. I am much lighter and would not have gone through.

  22. Hi Guys!
    Me visitied yous with Mommy's account! Mommy was happy to see that we had visitors to the rock Creek market Blog and then she said, "Silly Nellie! You forgot to log me out when you went visiting your friends!"
    Me laughed!
    Me will be at the PAWTY tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy will be at the MArket and won't even know me is gone!
    PS Koz wants to come too!

  23. Are you two getting ready for your purrday celebrations?


  24. I suppose a thump above your head is better than a thump ON your head!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  25. Its a good thing plaster didn't land on your head! We're looking forward to coming to your party.

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  27. Lucy looks quite satisified with that thump she made with her jump.
    I will be sure to pursaude my Mom to come visit tomorrow for your joint celebration.