31 May 2012

Just Checking

I'm just checking

that Lucy's not hiding in here

oh good, she's nowhere to be seen

peace at last.


29 May 2012


While Lucy's at the Tabby Cat Club


takes advantage

to have a 

niptastic time


26 May 2012

Sunny Saturday

Mum has been pruning this winter jasmine now the flowers have all finished

and she has left a mess

I'm looking round pretending I haven't noticed

in case she passes me the brush!!


25 May 2012

F For Friday

The come hither look

what are you waiting for?

"frill" me

and let me know

which is your favourite look

I  aim to please

24 May 2012

23 May 2012

Happy Birthday ML and Sniff Sniffity Sniff

We would like to wish our friend ML a very Happy Birthday and hope she has a wonderful day.


Mum said I could help her open the parcel and put it ready for me on her desk

so I jumped up to investigate and see if there were any clues

and in fact I nearly fell off the desk

as I could tell it was my most favourite smell ever

and it was from Mum's furrend Bin (our Auntie Lupie)


What could it possibly be?


In addition to silvervine powder, leaves, stems  and a new pillow there were some fruits
which are like Cat's Ginseng.

We were not interested in the piece that Mum put down for us but if any of you would like to
try them leave a note in the comments and Mum will send them on to you.


22 May 2012

Three for Tuesday

I'm sitting on top of the printer

looking out the window

while waiting for Mum

so I can help her to open our parcel.


21 May 2012

A Parcel

The post lady knocked on our door and Mum found there was a parcel for us.

she fetched it and put it on the worktop

we could see the airmail stamp so we started to get excited

as no-one sends anything airmail to Mum

and no-one ever sends parcels to her

in fact she usually only gets bills.


19 May 2012

Sleepless Saturday

Mum you need to put the flashy box down

every time I start to drift into snooze mode

that light blinds me and I start to see stars again

Enough pictures

Now scram or I'll have a smacky paws session!


18 May 2012

My Hammick

I'm starting off today

with a quick lick

and a promise

because a need to check  each toy off against my list

to make sure none have gone astray

That's it 631 - tick - so they are all present and correct

Thank goodness

I'm in  need of a nap I'm so exhausted.


17 May 2012

Tummy Thursday

Mum, just because I look sleepy

doesn't mean that I don't know

you're plotting to rub my tummy.


15 May 2012

National Straw Hat Day

We decided to take some time out from our busy lives

and have some fun

as it is

"National Straw Hat Day"

Mum dusted off our hat boxes

and Hannah couldn't wait to try her hat on

and wanted Mum to make sure that she had tied the bow just right

which of course she had

Lucy had gone quiet and then suddenly decided to fetch her hat and put it on too

She loved how there was space for her ears to peek through the straw and keep cool

and made mum check out the fetching ribbon and bow.

We hope all our furrends think we look very smart

Can we have afternoon tea outside today please Mum - waitress service of course.


14 May 2012

Tunnel Vision

Lucy is hiding

in her tunnel

waiting for paws or feet to pass by

but Mum has caught sight of her

and is determined

it's not going to be her feet!