3 April 2010

Lucy - Evasive Tactics

Hannah and I are just having a gossip about the local cats and about the weather and what we are hoping to have for dinner later on - birds haven't even entered my head today. We were just thinking about girl cat things as you do.

A little later I just sauntered into the conservatory and jumped up on to the window sill at the back and sat surveying the garden as you do. The spring flowers have been lovely and I was just admiring them. I never even thought of the tree and what might be happening in there with nest building and eggs and babies and tweeting and chirping.

Hannah says I look the picture of innocence and no one or no cat should think otherwise.


  1. Absolutely you are the very image of innocence. Of course you never would think about any eggs and baby birds and potential lunch!

  2. Oh Lucy!!!

    You just look adorable and what lovely neighbourhood kitties!!

    Charlie and I found two other neighbourhood kitties and they're called Whiskey and Mac. LOL!

    But we are both staying in as it's raining!

    Happy easter!! and Hello to Hannah!

    Take care

  3. We hope you two have a lovely weekend full of bird-watching!

  4. Innocence is totally you fur sure!

  5. Sure, you look innocent, Lucy, we believe you, sweetheart!!MOL...Adorable photo of your sweet face!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. A gossip about the local cats???!!!???

    Hannah, you are a pure girl, for sure!

  7. Definitely, you are innocent. Aren't all cats innocent. Just because you are looking at those birds and thinking baby birds. Anyway, hope you have a super weekend.

  8. Of course we would never think any different. You would no more attack the fev-vers than we would.

  9. Well of course you are the picture of innocence...you would never think about hurting those birdies!!

  10. Indeed that is the look of total innocence, we know it when we see it.


  11. You do look very FOCUSED, not at all guilty though.

  12. Oh, you look so innocent we can hardly stand it. Those birdies are safe with you around.