2 April 2010

Lucy Contemplating

It's just me today - I asked Mum if I could blog on my own cos that Hannah's always putting her nose into my blog time.

Here I am sat peacefully on a shelf in the conservatory just relaxing and watching the birds - there is a big tree at the bottom of the garden behind ours and Mum says that blackbirds always build a nest in there and rear some babies, so I am eyeing up the options of getting nearer to see if I can help them in anyway. Maybe just a spot of baby sitting while Mr & Mrs Blackbird go looking for their dinners.

This picture of me is on the back of the chair - I have my back to the window so that I don't look too eagerly at the tree whilst waiting for developments.

Please don't give Hannah any hints about this - let her find her own bird family to adopt.


  1. You're pretty clever to throw those birdies off like that! They'll never know you're watching!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Awww Lucy!!!

    Don't you look just lovely sitting like that all peaceful?

    Enjoy watching the birdies - be great to see little baby blackbirds - you can watch them grow big and strong!

    Take care

  3. Good to see you, Lucy! And enjoy your birdies! We won't tell Hannah where they are!

  4. Baby-sitting, eh? You're not planning anything naughty, are you Lucie?

  5. We won't tell Hannah. Pretty sneaky turning your back to the window so no one knows what you are doing. You can look out of the corner of your eye. Have a great day.

  6. We can almost hear you whistling nonchalantly in the second photo, Lucy. :-)

  7. MOL-we agree with Kea!!...Lucy, you are a beautiful and smart girl=hope that babybirdsitting works out for you!...Happy Easter weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. That is very thoughtful of you to offer to babybirdsit for Mr and Mrs Blackbird.

  9. We won't tell either. I am glad you are enjoying the Bird-TV. Hoppy Easter!

  10. Hi Lucy *waves* this is very benevolent of you to adopt a birdie family.
    I clicked on the second picture and I think you are very pretty looking up and pondering the thought of doting on the baby birdies - right?

    Happy Snappy Easter

  11. Hi Lucy!
    Enjoy your live fev-ver TV!
    We enjoy ours!


  12. Thanks so much for the warm welcome Hannah and Lucky. Hopefully we can be friends!

  13. We won't say anything to Hannah. You look very pretty in your pictures Lucy!