11 April 2010

V-E-T-S and Tortures

My cruel and heartless Mum took me to the torturers last week. I have a cough that sounds as if I am going to yak a hairball but despite lots of gloopy stuff being given to me nothing appeared and the cough was still there.

She made me an appointment with a very nice lady who said I was beautiful (which of course I knew) and said although it sounded like hairball at first she wondered if it was "lung worms". Mum was sent home with some powder to mix in with our food for the next 3 days. It took Mum hours of sitting on the floor coaxing me to eat it before it was eaten up.

"Mum here - she only ate threequarters of it but by then my bum was numb and I had lost the will to live!!. She had clamped her mouth shut and would only open it to do a bitey so I retreated."

This is a picture of my tummy furs after the battle which I think generously to Mum I will call a draw. Mum I need brushing now.

To add insult to injury Lucy ate hers like a good girl - she's a creep.

"Mum her again - she was good the next two days as I had told her no co-operation no chicken.
Unfortunately the cough is still there so it looks like another vet visit with the mention in the last visit of x-rays and cameras!!"


  1. Just a note to say that feline asthma is possible, though perhaps not probable. Cats with asthma go through the same coughing, trying-to-hack-up-a-hairball routine, but nothing comes out, of course. I've seen videos, it's kind of scary, and every now and again Nicki will do that, has since he's been with me. Never a hairball. It always scares me when he does it, because he can't breathe while it's happening.

    IF it is asthma, it's not easily treatable, truth be told. Some cats will have a flare up only rarely, others need breathing assistance.

    I'm not trying to scare you, because I don't imagine it *is* asthma; I just wanted to let you know that the symptoms would look the same as the hairball-barfing, without the hairball, of course.

    It's just something to keep in mind if the coughing persists and nothing seems to help.

  2. Oh Hannah!!! You poor floofy kitty - awwww - that's not a nice thing to have (the nasty cough) and then to be taken to the torture chambers known as the *whisper* v-e-t-s.

    But if you are very very very cooperative and eat that awful powdery stuff that mum is forcing you to have then you'll get all better and might never have to go back to the torture chambers for a long, long while!

    So just be patient and let mum do what she's doing! I hope you get your nice tummy groomed!

    And dear sweet Lucy! You are a good and beautiful kitty!

    Hugs from Charlie the cat!

  3. I hope you get rid of that nasty cough and it's nothing serious.

  4. It could be asthma, my sister Gracie has asthma and that pretty much describes her. If it is, it's quite manageable but if you can use a rescue inhaler I would recommend that instead of the steroids...but it's way too early to tell. We're purring for you!

  5. We hopes you feels better soon - them vet trips is no fun at all!

    P.S. we just added you to our blog roll - we're a little behind

  6. Hannah, we hope all your tests come back ok and you get rid of that cough soon...We will purr loudly for you to feel better soon...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. We hope your nasty cough goes away soon.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Oh noes! I am so sorry you are still coughing. I hope it is something simple and easy to fix. Try your hardest to take your medicines! I'm purring for you.

  9. We will keeping our paws crossed that whatever it is is easily treatable.

  10. Oh Hannah! We're sorry you're coughing! We know you don't like to go to the torturer...but we're hoping they can fix you so you are all better!

  11. We hope you soon get rid of your cough. I get a furball cough sometimes without a furball. When I first got it, the vet couldn't find anything wrong and thought it probably was when I was grooming, sometimes a bit of fur would stick in my throat and tickle it, making me cough. I still get it but with no other symptons. Maybe that is what makes you cough.

  12. oh no. Hope the cough goes away soon. We are purring for you! xoxo

  13. Sorry about the VET, hope you're all better soon.

  14. We hate the torturers too. We are sending some purrayers that you get well really soon.