12 April 2010

Monday Musings

Here I am looking to see what Lucy is up to:

She has been looking quite excited and has been rolling all over the ground just here.

Mum thinks the black cat (called Minty because of his green eyes) has been in our garden - he lives across the way from us. As you can see I am watching Lucy rolling about and to let you into a little secret I have been rolling with her but I don't do it when Mum is about with the camera.

Ha, Ha, Ha!!!


  1. Ahhh.... a good roll on the walkway! Looks like fun!

  2. Oh, we're sure Minty must be leaving awfully interesting scents!

    A good roll feels wonderful! Nope, don't give your mum too many photo ops--you have to keep her challenged, after all!

  3. Ah come on, give us a double roll for the camera you two!

  4. Oh Hannah, don't be shy, we want to see you rolling around too. Look how cute Lucy looks rolling around smelling all of Minty's smells .
    Have a great day.

  5. That is some great rolling Lucy is doing - we would love to see your roll Hannah, but we understand wanting to keep it from in front of the camera!

  6. Very cute photos and we're sure Minty is leaving some intriguing scents just for you beautiful girls!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Strange smells always need to be rolled on to make them smell right.

  8. Roll roll roll....and roll some more.
    Nothing is more fun, other than if there is some dirt involved.


  9. I love rolling on the cement too! But I don't care who sees!!


  10. awwww rolling is so much fun :). my kitty Jackie loves rolling on the carpet :)! xoxo