16 October 2014

My Pretend Stroll

I  went outside for a stroll this morning

so Mum found me some sunny pictures to cheer us up

and pretended we had got a nice day

The wind was quite cold so I came back inside

and sharpened my claws.

How lazy is that?

btw  we are going stir crazy with the wet weather

and Mum says she feels the same


  1. It's wet here as well. Keep warm and dry.

  2. You have sun rays???? send them over to us pleaseeeee

  3. We have sun at the moment, but I think it might change!! Best to keep warm, Hannah!!

    1. We've got some patchy sunshine at the moment BUT the clouds are gathering in the west again - sighs. The weather forecast in the Telegraph says we'll have rain later this afternoon - we're so excited!

  4. Sorry you all are having such bad weather. We will send that darn sun right over there to you. Happy Thursday to all of you.

  5. We hope your weather gets better so you can get out again for a real stroll. :)

  6. We hope some nice sunny days show up soon for you pretty Hannah!

  7. We've had rain the last couple of days too, but it looks like the sunshine is coming back. Hannah, these sunny pictures should cheer you up. They cheered us. It's very cute the way you claw your scratcher.

  8. We are also having a lot of rain here. Thank you for posting sunny pictures for us to enjoy!

  9. We like that scratching post pose, Hannah. This morning, Mumsy saw her breath in the air - it's getting cooler here fast.

  10. yeah, it has been pretty wet here too

  11. Sweet Hannah we think it is pretty cool that you can stretch out in the sun and sharpen your claws at the same time. We hope all the wet goes away and you can go for a walk in the sunshine again very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. hannah...awesum new pole dancin mewves ...wink....wink ~~~

    meowloz ta lucy....

    happee week oh end two all, heers two dusky grouper ♥ N we hope ya get sum sun ☺

  13. Sending you sunny day wishes! No one is patrolling the roof? Oh dears!

  14. Well, that was pretty nice for a pretend stroll, Hannah. We hope your weather improves soon, so that you can go on a REAL one.

    Hugs to you, Lucy and Mum!

  15. I love your walk around that way sweet Hannah. I had my c;was trimmed again and can't sharpen them too well just yet.

  16. Nobody could blame you for wanting to be warm and cozy inside!

    Debby in Arizona

  17. PepiSmartDog: are you stuck inside cause of the weather? We are in Australia and being hit with an early heat wave. *sigh*
    Hope you get nice weather real soon, so you can zoom around outside and get back to causing havoc. BOL!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    We always appreciate you making the effort and we really enjoy reading your posts.
    Hope to see you next week too. *waves paw* :=o)