13 October 2014

Cat Television

We know some of you have heard about

the Cat Watch 2014 experiment in England

on one of our TV channels last week

At first I didn't take much notice and napped but

after a while the meowing woke me up,

There were 100 cats all from one street being filmed

both inside and outside their homes

After a while I paid more attention to it, 

some homes had 10 cats living in their houses

 while some shared homes and their human's beds too! 

Some cats called at many homes for a chat and a meal

with their friends and families before going home 

to their own homes.



  1. I watched that too this week on catch up tv after the vets we were seeing were talking about it as Magic was doing some of the patrolling behaviour behind the reception (she does this once she's had a good cuddle she goes exploring behind the desk at the vet hosp.

    I was a bit surprised by how much the chap John was hailing the 'evidence' from the cameras as totally innovative - has he never lived with a cat or two!!! as I am sure the behaviours were all known by us cat owners. Maybe he should read the blogosphere more often.....! Made me laugh too that the behaviourist had taught her cat to come and sit for a treat. Magic will come on request and allow her ear to be jabbed and have insulin injected for no treat other than an 'I'm sorry cuddle' from me.

    All the cats were wonderful but big Ted was probably my sneaky favourite. Big paws and a fluffy tummy get me every time!

  2. Great show, did not like the kittens as I thought they were in my house. Skipper

  3. My mum watched it and I kind of watched it but soon grew bored. I also got a bit jealous because my mum was paying too much attention to the kittens.

    Purrs xx

  4. I don't think we had that over her on this side of the pond but maybe we did. I only get 2 o3 stations. You do look like you were interested in those cats on the TV. Happy Monday to all of you.

  5. You watch the Cat News
    I do watch you ;)
    Happy Monday

  6. We'd like to watch that show. The only cat tv we watch is "My Cat From Hell" about cats with problem owners.

  7. Looks like lots of fun pretty Lucy!

  8. That show really held your attention, Lucy.

  9. Wish we had that show here in Chicago!

  10. Gee, that sounds like a neat show.
    Good that you enjoy it Lucy :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  11. We have heard about that. Kitties in the UK seem to be allowed outside more and are much more social. We have seen a couple of TV shows about this. It does seem to make for good watching. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. We bet it was a lot of fun to watch all the kitties!

  13. Weally? Dat's so cool. weez not seen dat show. but it duz sound like a gweat purrogwam. Glad yous got to see it.

    Luv ya'


  14. That sounds like an interesting program sweetie. I hope they show it here in the states.

  15. That show seems very interesting for you Lucy ! Purrs

  16. H & L !!! we bet thiz tee vee show IZ awesum....iz it sum place like on yu tube wear we could see it two... ???

    happee mackerull monday two ewe both !

  17. I wish we had that show here. We do have My Cat From Hell, and I watch some of it with my human.

  18. that sounds like one interesting channel!

  19. We want that channel!! We want to see homes with ten cats! *MOM! GET US THAT CHANNEL!*

  20. I WISH I could see that. I saw the articles on the BBC site which were a lot of fun!

  21. That sounds like some really interesting TV! We read about it, but it isn't aired here.

  22. How cool, that was a lot of cats to watch on TV sweet Lucy. Hugs and nose kisses

  23. That sounds like an interesting television show, Lucy. I don't think we had that here, but we would watch it if we did!

  24. Sounds like something I might like to watch Lucy. Hope you have a great week!

  25. We tried to watch it on line...but we had to live in Britain to see it! Mommy is looking for a bootleg.

  26. Gee Lucy, it seems like those cats must not all have their very own homes and so must go visitin'...that is kind'a sad dont'cha know???

    1. The cats all did have homes but they also liked to share food and beds together - the cats were all from one street and just wandered in and out of each others homes without a crossed paw or cross meow.

  27. I sure hope they will send that show in Sweden too , Lucy !
    It sounds like it was furry interesting to watch !!