21 December 2012

Our Secret Paw

We were so excited when our Secret Paws parcel arrived.

It was from Kizzie who lives quite near to us in the UK.

Hannah came right up to the camera to make sure Mum   

had switched it on.

and she snoopervised the pretty wrapping paper

to make sure Mum had opened everything

We were both given self filling water bowls which

we loved and it meant that we didn't have to wait for

each other if they had got to the bowl to slurp first!!

There were some great balls 

which were good for whapping and a lovely

cat nip bag which smelled wonderful.

Just look at this lovely fat fishy

with a wonderful and feathery coloured tail.

There was also a great mousie

with pink ears and an orange tail 

he's great fun to bat round.

Thank you for a great Secret Paw package Kizzie

and to your Mum for helping with the packing

using her opposable thumbs!

Happy Christmas to you and especially 

your Little Bean.


  1. Kizzie got you girls some really awesome gifts!

  2. They are pawsome gifts and mum said the water bowls look really interesting especially if they are here in the uk and she will have to look for those because I drink a lot with my illness. Sorry for not visiting and glad you are feeling better my sweet friend.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Wowser, that looks like such a great box of pressies. Bet those balls are going to be fun to whap around.
    We hope Lucy is feeling a little better today. Sending a few more purrs just for the heck of it. Have a great day.

  4. Kizzie says "Glad you liked your presents and we all wish you a happy Christmas too".

  5. Such nice presents from Kizzie. We need to start visiting her more since she is in the CB and has a blog.

  6. You two sure did get some cool stuff and fun you will have fur sure!

  7. Wow, you both got some great gifts! Have fun!!

  8. Enjoy all your presses! Have a very Merry Christmas too.

  9. Wow, those are great gifts=looks like you lovely girls are going to have a fun Christmas!...Wishing you guys a wonderful holiday weekend, precious friends...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  10. Awwwww gorgeous Hannah and adorable Lucy!!! What a wonderful package and such fab pressies!!! Yay!!! Enjoy! Take care

  11. Great gifts for 2 bootiful girls!=^Y^=

  12. Oh, the TOYS! Purrs...from your jealous friends at Colehauscats.com

  13. Nice loot, girls!
    Hope Lucy has bounced back from her nasty vet visit.

  14. Boy oh boy you two girls lucked up totally with your SP!!!!

  15. Great gifts from Kizzie. We like the photo of Hannah's nose best. PHOTOBOMB!

  16. Hi Guys1
    What great presents yous received from Kizzie! Hannah! Your nose is gorgeous lucy, yous looks like yous has recovered from her 'incident' earlier this week.

  17. Wow, Kizzie sure did give you some wonderful gifts, Hannah and Lucy! Have fun! :)

  18. Those are great gifts from Kizzie. The self fill drinkers are a good idea, and the fish looks like lots of fun.

  19. Wow, what nice gifts you got ! The waterbowl is very practical ! My cats use to drink old water out of an old bowl in the garden ! Although they have bowls here in the house !

  20. Kizzie cat and her mom-person got you girls some really pawesome gifts!!

  21. Oh WOW! What a wonderful package! We must say we are totally in love with that cute and plump little mousie. :)

  22. Yes that mouse is the bees knees so cute. Kizzie really picked great things for the Secret Paw.

  23. So happy to get surprise gift!!!!
    I can tell you are very happy.