16 December 2012

Our Gotcha Anniversary

Today is our 3rd Gotcha Day 

These 2 pictures

were among the first ones she ever took of us.

This was Hannah's first taste of


As you can see Lucy made short work of our scratch post

and we also discovered the joy

of boxes and crunkley brown paper!

Quite a while later we discovered NIP

as you can see Hannah had taken deep sniffs and

Lucy was already out of it.

Mum started to try and hide our stash as 

we were getting into bad habits!!

We mostly get on very well together but sometimes

we want to go in opposite directions and there is a 

stand off as neither of us want to give in!

When the weather is bad we often go for a siesta

Hannah likes to snuggle

with some stuffies while Lucy likes to snooze

on her soft pink blankie.

When it's warm outside Lucy likes to hide in the jasmine

and pounce on passing feet but she doesn't realise that

she is being watched through the window!

Now we are getting ready for our next Christmas

Mum went to the post office today to collect a "surprise" parcel 

from our Secret Paws

She knows who it is but she's not telling!!

We'll find out though when we open it.

We would like to thank you all for being our furrends.



  1. Beautiful Hannah and adorable Lucy!! Happy happy happy Gotcha Day!! You have both grown from tiny floofy demure kitties to gorgeous fiesty and super awesome lady kitties!! Yay!!

    Take care

  2. Aww, the happiest of Gotcha Days to you both. Three years already? Wow!

    We hope you have an amazing, fabulous day!

  3. A very Happy Gotcha day to you Lucy and Hannah. You are such lucky girl kitties to find that great home that you have now. WE are so glad that we have you as friends. Take care and make sure that Mum gives you plenty of Chick hen today.

  4. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, Beautiful Girls! We loved seeing your baby pictures and reading all about you discovering life in a lovely Forever Home!

    The Chans

  5. I loved your first pics! Happy Gotcha Day pretty girls!!!

  6. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, Hannah and Lucy! You have such a great home and we are happy we're furiends! oxoxox

  7. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day!!! We love the pics of you two after a nip fest!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Happy Gotcha Day! Our Tanya sleeps like Hannah. Purrs and headbutts!

  9. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day you two sweet girls! Love the pictures of when you were little! So sweet!

  10. We never saw pictures of you when you were little! So adorable, and now you are wonderful ladycats. Happy gotcha day!

  11. Happy Gotcha day, beautiful girls. Love your baby pictures.
    Hope all goes well at the vet tomorrow.

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, pretty girls! What adorable baby pics. We are very honored to be your furriends. XOXO

  13. Happy gotcha day, girls! I think often of where you came from and am so happy you got rescued.

  14. Happy Gotcha Day ladies!!! Those are lovely pictures.....

  15. HAPPY 3rd COTCHA DAY!!!!!!!!!!
    We loved all the pictures too.
    It is so nice that you were adopted by a pawsome family :) WooHoo!!
    Have a super day and celebrate lots!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  16. HAPPY HAPPY Gotcha Day , girls !!!
    LOVED see all the pictures on you <3

  17. Happy Happy Gotcha Day, Hannah and Lucy!!
    We enjoyed seeing your photos today very much...and we're so glad you picked out such a great Mum.

  18. Mowzers, Happy Happy Gotcha Day! You guys sure have grown! We hadz to MOL at the fence photo. Um...gridlock?

  19. Happy Gotcha Day to two lovely ladies.

  20. Happiest of Gotcha Days to you lovely lady-cats!! Purrs and Hugs!

  21. Naaaw so adorable!! Happy gotcha day ladies xoxox

  22. Happy Happy Gotcha day to you both~!!!!

  23. A very Happy Gotcha Day to you both and may there be many more to come.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  24. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Hannah and Lucy! We just adore you both, and are so thankful for your friendship. Here's wishing you many, many more happy gotchaversaries!


  25. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Hannah & Lucy! You really were lucky the day you meet your mum. Your mum is lucky to have such lovely kitties, too. We wish you many more happy years, and are glad we have gotten to know you. Purrs & head bonks.

  26. Happy Third Gottcha day!
    Kosmos #2 is just around the corner. Time files when you are having fun!

  27. Happy Gotcha Day, Hannah and Lucy!! We are so glad you found such a great forever home! :)

  28. happee bee lated gothca day H & L and heerez ta a bazillion mor; hope ya getted 2; 2013 furrareez, a new cat tree with refrigertorz attacehd, sum sghetti, pizza piez, NOE BURD, trout, steak, pork roast, NOE BURD, cake, donuts, ham samiches, NOE BURD and treets a plentee !!!

  29. Happy 3rd Gotcha day girls!!! We are so glad that you were gotcha'd by such a fantastic mum :-) We love you both!!!

  30. belated greetings on your gotcha day.

    emma and buster

  31. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Ladycats! What sweet little kitten pictures! Hope your day was a good one. Thank you for your wonderful Christmas card, we just got it in the mail!

  32. Gotcha days are so special. Congrats to two great cats