4 December 2012

Fence Patrol

Yesterday I started off going along the fence

and took an interest in the birds in our neighbour's garden

but out the corner of my eye I could see her watching me

through the window so I moved quickly along

and pretended

that I hadn't seen her!

It's a good job that it wasn't today when Mum posted this

or you wouldn't have seen me due to the pouring rain!!



  1. Lovely Lucy!!! You are doing a great job snoopervising your neighbour! Yay! LOL!!

    Hugs too to sweet Hannah! Take care

  2. Did your Mom leave you alone after you ignored her?

  3. Oh no, it is raining again. That stinks. Glad you got outside to snooopervise a little bit. Maybe Mom can read a good book. Take care and stay dry.

  4. You sure do explore good on that fence, Lucy. Our Mumsy hung one of the bird traps, we mean feeders, right outside the window in back. Those birds are now a very big distraction, yup. We watch them through the window all the time now :-) Someday...
    Hugs to you and Hannah and kitty kisses!

  5. Was the neighbor spying on you, Lucy??

    We sure hope your rain stops!

  6. More rain? It looks like the sun was shining on your beautiful furs that day. Stay inside and cozy, pretty girls. Happy Tuesday. xoxoxo

  7. that fence and garden looks pretty interesting....stay dry though!

  8. I sure am glad you got your patrolling done before the rain came in pretty Lucy!

  9. You can be lucky you just have rain pouring down , here in Sweden it´s pouring down snow !

  10. I love investigating birdies too but I have to do it thru the window. xox

  11. BURDS !!!!!!!!!


    seer ee iz lee lucy, ther bee nothin


    interestin bout

    BURDS .....

  12. You high-wire kitties are so daring!!

  13. Oh boo no more rain for Miss Lucy!

  14. Soooo....the neighbor is spying BACK on you!?! Good job of paying her no mind, Lucy!

  15. We are glad you were able to do your fence patrol before the rain came back.

  16. Lucy, enjoy the birds and ignore the neighbour ;) heehee
    We are having psycho weather too!!
    It is cold one day warm and rainy the next. The yoyo weather will last all week :/
    have a nice dry snooze today.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  17. More rain? We're glad you are getting some patrolling time in between the raindrops!

  18. Even though we had a visit from Sandy, we could still use rain. We have been so dry for so long. So, send some of your rain this way and you can enjoy the fence and the roof.

  19. Great Job!!!!!
    I think you are rulling all the way~!!!

  20. So did you give the neighbour something to talk about Lucy?!! Heehee...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. It is very important to snoopervise that nosy neighbour, isn't is, Lucy. I hope you and Hannah are keeping warm and dry. Here, it is very cold and we have snow!!
    Purrs ... Rainbow