26 December 2012

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is mostly a UK holiday.  

It was a day off for servants when they
would receive a Christmas Box from their
Masters and Mistresses and were allowed
to go home for the day to see their families.

It was also a day to watch horse racing

when they could lose their Christmas Box by

betting on the wrong horse!

Nowadays some silly people go swimming in the sea


Fox hunting was also a tradition although now it is 

forbidden to chase foxes with packs of dogs

so now the hounds chase artificial trails.

However there is a new Boxing Day sport

It is called "SHOPPING"

when thousands rush and queue for the stores to  open

for the chance to buy something they would never have

wanted if it hadn't been reduced!



  1. YIKES! That's quite a crowd!
    We are happy the dogs are no longer allowed to hunt foxes. We're sure the foxes didn't think it was a fun *sport*!

    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Hannah and Lucy!

  2. Oh goodness, horse racing and fox hunting are two of my favorite sports. But you can have that shopping. Hope you had a good Christmas. We sure did. Take care and now have a great day. Hope Lucy is doing all right.

  3. We love Boxing Day...but only if we get to play in boxes!!

    We hope you all had a great Christmas!!

  4. We did not know that hounds chase artificial fox trails. That's very interesting!

    We love boxes. Happy Boxing Day!

  5. Happy Boxing Day! I didn't know it was a day servants receive boxes and go home. Shopping in that crowd sure is a sport!

  6. happee boxing day hannah N lucy; we hope ewe both get 33 boxes oh trout, mackeral, herring, snapper, white fish and NOE BURD !!!

  7. We won't let our mum go shopping on Boxing Day. We make the Beans sprawl out on the sofa and then we lie on them so they can't move.

  8. Okay, that Boxing Day swimming thing has convinced me that humans are totally crazy! As if I didn't already think so! Happy Boxing Day - we kitties celebrated with boxes!

  9. Happy Boxing Day pretty girls! Brrrrrrrr on the cold water stuff!

  10. humans... they just don't get it... the way to celebrate Boxing Day is to PLAY IN THE BOXES!!!!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  11. Seems like your Boxing Day. It's the day to keep your human busy ; )
    Guess what ? Here they love to lie up for shopping too. Mom said the door open @ 5 am. !!!!

  12. Happy Boxing Day! Purrs...from your friends at Colehauscats.com

  13. We don't have Boxing Day. We have "lay on your rear and snooze after the big feast" Day. MOL! Happy Thursday!

  14. We're all for adopting extra holidays over the pond - especially if it means we score more noms or treats or prezzies. HEY MOMMY!!

  15. Happy Boxing Day!
    Today, we all laid around, ate turkey and watched TV. When we lived on the West Coast, there was a big polar bear swim Mommy and Daddy used to goes to. Yous made Mommy laughs!

  16. BRRRR....we've got to get under the covers after looking at those swimmers!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  17. We have theese terrible Boxing Day sport called SHOPPING here in Sweden too !
    My mom have NOT been on any sale (yet:)

  18. we learned a lot about boxing day. we don't have that here in our forever home state.

    happy new year and pawhugs.

    emma and buster

  19. We have Boxing Day too and we knew it was started from servants getting their Christmas boxes. We have a polar bear swim here on the westcoast as well which we would never do!! Brrrrrrrr. And sadly, we have the shopping mayhem as well which we would also never attempt.Ree-dic-u-lus we say!! Hope you had a good Christmas and that Lucy is now fully recovered :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. Sweet Hannah and sweet Lucy we thank you for this post. We did not know what 'Boxing Day' was and now we do. Of all those celebration activities we would have to go with shopping. :) Mumsy don't like to shop but she would like that better than the other activities. We are happy they stopped the fox hunts with the dogs chasing the foxes. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. Yes, we love this last sport of Boxing Day shopping too. Pleased to report no cat outfits bought this time. I read somewhere that Boxing day was also when "dole boxes" were opened at the rich peoples' houses, for the poor people to help themselves to any spare food that had been left for them.

  22. Those are some very fun ways to celebrate boxing day and am very happy to find out that there are no longer real foxes in the hunt. That last sport has been very popular for years here.

  23. I'm not a big shopping fan, but it looks much more appealing than the other alternatives...

    Purrs for a very Happy New Year!

  24. We hope you had a wonderful Boxing Day, Hannah and Lucy! We love you, sweet pals!