26 June 2012

Two for Tuesday and Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes first

and we wish Jan a furry happy birthday

if you'd like to visit her


and also it's KC's birthday too

and we are sending her Birthday wishes

if you would like to wish her Happy Birthday



Mum has hardly taken any pictures of little me

as my sister keeps hogging the camera

but I just managed to squeeze in for a second  picture
today before she started preening again!



  1. We join you in wishing Happy Birthday to our friends!!!!!!!!
    We also love to see pictures of little you,Lucy :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  2. Lately, Binga has been trying to horn in on the camera a lot, so I totally understand, Lucy!

  3. Lovely Lucy!!! Me and Charlie are glad you got your pics taken - you are adorable!! Hugs too to gorgeous Hannah!!

    And huge happy birthday to Jan and KC!!! Take care

  4. Oh Lucy, it is so good to see you. WE thought maybe you went on a trip or something. It is a special day with two special birthdays. Hope you all have a great day.

  5. Happy Birthday to Jan and KC!!

    Lucy, we're so glad your mum "squeezed" in a few pics of you!! oxoxox

  6. Lucy, I always remember there are two of you. xxoo

  7. Sassy here. I know what you are going thru. Everytime Mommie gets out the camera, Callie immediately starts posing!

  8. Such two special Birthdays and we hope their special day is very special! Love your pics pretty Lucy!

  9. Hello Hannah and Lucy, nice of you to come over and visit Austin the Macho Mancat today! He's been having quite a few lady visitors since his escapade with the dark introoder!!! xx

  10. Lucy your furs look immaculate and all set to pawty!
    Have a fun day :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  11. Lucy, we boys like a shy gal...after living with OUR sisfurs it's a pleasant change.

  12. Hi there again :) I'm not too sure how many pet bloggers are UK based! Might be interesting to find out. Trouble is there are so many blogs now, it is physically impossible to visit them all, sadly! :( Will keep in touch :)

  13. We're really happy to see you, Lucy!

  14. We join you in the Birthday wishes! Its so nice to see Lucy poses for some pics.
    Its good to see you guys too. We've missed you. Back to blogging again.
    Love you..
    jude,poo,babybella,Piper & marley

  15. You are sitting very pretty too, little Miss Lucy! I see you gave Mum a full head on and then a profile shot. Well done, you!

  16. You're so lovely! Such nice stripes and white bits!

  17. You both are so beautiful. Kitty says camera hogging is a good thing ;)

  18. Oh Lucy
    we are so glad you posed for those lovely pictures today. Such a beautiful little lady you are.
    Happy purrsday to Jan and ML!


  19. Lucy love your proper pose on the chair. You should have a little talk with Hannah remind her that you co-blog.

  20. Pretty Lucy! It's so nice to see you. :)

    We love Jan and KC, too. We stopped by to wish them both the happiest of days.

  21. Sometimes you just have to put your paw down and look cuter than your sister!