16 June 2012

It's our Birthday

It's our third birthday today
(well a guesstimate of the date as no-one knows exactly)

Ann from Zoology made us this lovely picture for us
with a little help from Zoey and Maggy of course.

We hope all our friends will be able to come and visit us 
and help our Party go with a swing

This is us on our first night in our new home and we clung together
as we were a little bit scared.

We soon found out that we didn't need to be scared
and made ourselves right at home

both inside and in the garden.

We are so happy to have made so many friends and are 
delighted that so many of you are teleporting over
to celebrate with us.

Please feel free to eat and drink as much as you like 
there are meowgaritas for the grown ups

and milk for the kittens

there is roast beef

roast chicken

and ham

don't be shy and tuck in Mum can always cook some more

we have got a birthday cake

and small cakes

Do feel free to lounge on Mum's bed to nap or have a chat

or if you fancy some light exercise after your food

Mickey and his friends would love to play a game of chase with you

or you could join Hannah on a conducted fence tour

or a roof tour with us both

or relax in one of the hammocks on our cat scratcher posts

of course there will be plenty of nip for the more mature cats.

Do stay as long as you like - there's plenty of room if you want to
stay overnight

Mum can always email your families and tell them not to worry.



  1. Yay!! Me and Charlie are first to join your party!! Awww Happy happy happy birthday adorable Lucy and amazing Hannah!! Awwww - you two are such beauties!

    Here is our birthday ode to you two!


    Happy birthday Hannah and Lucy!
    Lots of hugs from me and Charlie!
    We like your friend Mickey Mousie!
    Happy birthday Hannah and Lucy!

    Hip hip hooray!

    Take care and enjoy your very special day!! x

  2. Wow, what a fantastic party, we are on our way over to join in the fun. Happy birthday you two woo hoo :)xx

  3. The happiest of birthdays to you both!

    What a fabulous party -- we're heading over to help you celebrate, can't wait to meet Mickey and his friends, and take those tours!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to Hannah and Lucy. You are so darn lucky to have found such a good home. We just have to spend the night and we brought our Person with us too. She wants to get into those meowgaritas. Yummy. The food looks terrific. We want the roof tour but the Person is staying on the ground. Have a most wonderful day.

  5. Happy Birthday Hannah!!! Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! This is a pawsome party. We want to get some exercise and then we'll have a meowgarita and some of that yummy looking ham! Afterwards, a little nip and a nap in a hammock sounds good!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  7. Happy Birthday, Lucy and Hannah! We would love to do some fence climbing and roof walking with both of you!! As you know, it's Wally's birthday today too...a triple celebration!


  8. Many happy returns - I love those individual cakes. You are like the Queen, having an official birthday.

    Have a lovely day, and I hope there will be many more birthdays to come for you both.

  9. Oh my the food is delicious and you has so much for us to do, this party is sooooooooooo much fun. Thanks for inviting us.

    Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy. You have a great spread. We will have a game of chase with Mickey to work up an appetite.

  11. Happy birthday Hannah & Lucy!!! We will help ourselves to those yummy goodies. If you feel like dancing, we're have a Caturday party.

  12. Happy Day Friends! (PS we'll spend the night ... can we howl and prowl on the rooftops?)

  13. Wonderful party! Happy Birthday too two very special girls!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  14. Oh boy! I would like to nap on the bed and then chase the mousie. And of course, happy birthdays!

  15. Happy Birthday! Sassy will definitely be taking the roof walk and I will try not the play too *hard* with Mickey !

  16. Happy Birthday, Hannah!
    Happy Birthday, Lucy!
    You are lovely and sweet friends, and we are so happy to know that you are enjoying life!

    Purrs from The Chans, Woofs from Tommy and Neighs from Vidock and Violette

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lucy & Hannah!!! Mom says we can come over to help you celebrate but she would prefer we stay inside (something about not having the brains to come in from the rain - not sure what she is talking about). Purrs to many more happy birthdays!!

  18. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy!!! We're on our way over right now! Par-Tay!!!!!

    Luf, Us

  19. Happy Birthdays to both of you sweeet purrrrity girls. Miles and I think you two are a great team. We are so happy to be at your party and celebration!

    big bonks and bronks

  20. Happy Birthday sweet friends.. The party is fabulous and I am having so much fun.. I think I might stay over too but I bet mum gets all worried... Hugs GJ xx

  21. Happy birthday sweet lady! Would luv to hang out at your hammock.....pur meow...


  22. Happy Birthday to you TWO
    Happy Birthday to you TWO
    Happy Birthday dear Hannah and Lucy...
    Happy Birthday to you TWO!!

    Your party is PAWSOME girls! You thought of everything! So many yummies to nom on too :)
    We would like to go on the roof top tour if you please and afterwards, the fence tour!
    We brought you some fresh catnip from our garden and some fresh westcoast salmon from the ocean :)
    We would like to spend the night since it's a looong way home please and thank you!!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  23. Happy Birthday, Hannah & Lucy! We are so happy we are friends and we are more than delighted to come celebrate your special day. Your Mom sure is a good cook...the food looks SUPER YUMMY!

  24. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy. Purrs!

  25. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Lucy! We are having so much fun at the party, Mom says we can spend the night! WooHoo!

  26. Happy Birthday, Lucy & Hannah!!! We will be right over. We have a jar of moths that we can let out as soon as it gets dark...we can work off all the HAM and beverages!

  27. Happy Birthday, sweeties! Wonderful party!!!

  28. Happy birthday, girls! I think a roof tour sounds awesome!

  29. Hannah and Lucy hope you are having a truly happy third birthday. This party is realy nice with all that juicy meals that you made for the occasion as well as the activities. I got purrmission from Mom to come and join in the celebrations today.

  30. Don't start the party without us -- we're on our way, say Dante, Dylan and Domino!

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Hannah and Lucy! Wowee! You sure have put on an excellent spread. And games to boot!

    We're bringing a 24-pack of canned tuna for efurryone to share. We'll be there with bells on!

  31. Happy happy birthday to both of you!! That fence and roof tour looks scary! But fun!

  32. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy!!!!! Time to party!

  33. Happy Birthday! You throw a great birthday party. Tommie and Gracie are afraid of heights but Mickey Mouser would love to take the fence tour!

  34. Wowwie! Your place is just as cool as Kozmo said it was when he visited! Mes is just so happy to visit. That roof tour is pawsome! And Roast Beast and Roast Chickhen and Ham! Me is stuffed to the gills!
    Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!
    Nellie and Kozmo

  35. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy, you sweet girls! We have been enjoying all the good foods and drinks. Though we don't go outside, we would like to try your roof tour; we do like heights. In case somebody wants to try it, we brought some duck. Nip last, so we can bliss out for a nap on your mum's very pretty bed. Purrs.

    Taffy & my woman, Laura

  36. Happy birthday, Hannah and Lucy!! What a fun party here :-) We hope you enjoy your special day!!

  37. Happy birthday from our cats to yours xo

  38. What a terrific party to celebrate your extra special day! We love you, Hannah and Lucy, and wish you the happiest birthday. Hugs! :)

  39. Happy 3rd Birthday Hannah and Lucy!!!!
    You two were lucky to get a wonderful home and we can see you are living the good life :)
    You also know how to throw great parties!!!! WOOT !!!!!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  40. Happy Birthday, girls! Hope you had a great day.

  41. Many Happy Returns of the Day, sweet girls! We're wishing you many, many more. What a lovely party! Thanks for inviting us. Your mum did a great job with the food. Everything is so delicious. We think we'll go on a tour then "mole" through your mum's bed. We like beds a lot more informal, ok, not made at all, then they are nice and comfy. Happy Birthday!

  42. We hope you had a great birthday, sweet furriends. You had a wonderful pawty. The chick-hen was most delishus!

  43. Happy BIRTHDAY you precious beautiful girls. I love your pawty and I'll be sure to tuck in 'cause I didn't eat much while my mom was gone even though we had our fun house trashing pawty. I am glad to be there and I'd love a conducted tour please.

  44. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you both!

  45. Happy Birthday to you both !!!
    Sorry for being a bit late ( it´s my mom´s fault as usually).

  46. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Lucy! Doesn't' time go fast when you're having fun?

    We'd like a fence tour and a go at that mousie :-)

  47. Happy Birthday beautiful girls!!! What a fantastic party, thank for inviting us :-)

  48. happy purrthday! hope you two had a great time!!