16 June 2010

It's our 1st Birthday

It's our first birthday today and we are excited because Mum has promised us a party and you are all invited. Look she did us this Happy Birthday sign for us.

We have got lots of toys for you to play with including fuzzy mouses, a bowl full of balls to chase and this cool football world cup tunnel for chasing through.
For those wanting a rest or a good gossip with old and new friends we have lots of blankets and a big pile of cushions for you to relax on. There is a large supply of quality nip for your enjoyment.

There are cocktails for the discerning cats and milk to drink for the younger cats.

Mum has been up for hours cooking lots of roast chickens, roast beef and lots of fishy dishes including real live dead shrimps.

There are lots of little cakes and nip biscuits to nibble on plus a special princess castle cake to cut into.
Please help yourselves - Mum will keep topping up the plates so don't be shy and tuck in. There will little bags available for you to take home to any friends who couldn't come today.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH & LUCY! We'll nip through the tunnel and be right over!

    The Chans

  2. A very happy birthday to you both, Hannah and Lucy! Great party! We'll be right over with some fresh nip to help you celebrate! Kitty kisses from us and smooches from our human!

  3. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Lucy!!! Ohh your party sounds like so much fun! We'll be right over!
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  4. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy! What a pawsome party. It's a bit early for a 'niptini, but we will have some live dead shrimps.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Happy Birthday lovely Hannah and Lucy. We will be on our way in a few minutes. We are just out catching some real live mousies so we can all chase them around your house. The mums love it when we set them free. You should hear the squeals of excitement. Get the niptinis ready for us, we won't be long.

  6. Happy Birthday you two cuties!!! What a great party! We'll be hanging out all day, 'kay?

  7. Happy Birthday, you two cuties! We hope you have a fabulous day!

  8. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Lucy!! It's my birthday today too!! So let's party together!! Your live dead shrimp are Dee-licious!!


  9. Oh wow!!! Me and Charlie are putting on our glad rags asap to dash over to yours to celebrate!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gorgeous Lucy and Beautiful Hannah!!!

    May your day be full of more of the above and then some!

    We hope you two have a wonderful day with lots more pressies to come! Yay!

    Take care

  10. Oh we are here and are helping ourselves to that wonderful chicken. Happy Happy Birthday to you Hannah and Lucy. After the chicken, we will have a nice nap on that and then a niptini. Also I see that Eric and Flynn are bringing live mice so we are waiting for that fun.
    Have a great day.

  11. Happy Furst Purrthday Hannah and Lucy! I didn't realize you were such young little things!

    Dante, Dylan and Domino are on their way over on the boogie mat to join the party. What a great spread you have put on! They're bringing some Temptations treats for efurryone to share, too.

    Have a great time, but please send my kitties home before midnight! Thanks.

  12. Happy First Purrthday, furiends! We hope you both have a super fabulous day!

  13. Happy Birthday my darlings!!!
    Many happy return of this very special day!!
    Hugs, kisses, purrs and love from all of us!

  14. A very Happy Birthday! What a party your mum is throwing for you. You have every need or widh covered. We are on our way! I hope you don't mind that I come without my Bowler, it is still missing n action. Have a great day and see you all soon.

  15. A very Happy Birthday to you! Wow, cool party, y'all done it up right!

  16. Happy Purrday Hannah and Lucy!!! We are so thrilled to be able to come spend your special day with you both! The foods look scrumptious and after we eat, (we're not shy), we're gonna take a spot on one of your blankies! Here's to MANY, MANY more purrdays and a day filled with fun, food, and furriends!

  17. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy!...What a fun party, thanks so much for inviting us; we are having a great time hanging out with you beautiful girls and all your fun friends...We hope all your birthday wishes come true, sweeties...kisses gorgeous young ladycats!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Happy First to both of you...great party!

    cats of wildcat woods

  19. A furry happy purrday to both Hannah and Lucy.
    Two beautiful lady cats who have become such wonderful felines! Many Many more!! Have a great day ladies!!!




  20. Happy First Birthday you two cuties!

  21. Happy Birthday darling Hannah and Lucy!!!!!!! Grand party and we had soooooooooo much fun. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Happy birthdays to you, Hannah and Lucy! I hope you have a super-duper day!

  23. Happy Purrthday you beyootiful ladycats!

  24. Happy Birthday, Hannah & Lucy!
    MEOWZA! This is a fun party! Scouty is all excited about the real live dead shrimps...he can eat about 486 of them!
    We brought a jar of moths to set free and chase all over the yard, too!
    Um...the ManCats want to know if you two are "available", now...


  25. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Lucy! Have a wonderful day with lots of presents and lots of treats.

  26. Happiest Of Birthdays Girls!! What a great party!

  27. Hope you had a very Happy 1st Purrthday, Hannah and Lucy!

  28. Happy Purrthday! We hope you had the bestest ever day, and that you have a PAWSOME year ahead. :)

  29. Happy Birthday Hannah and Lucy! We can't believe we are late (stupid mom and her stupid work!). So we are going to sing you a modified version of our birthday song!

    What day was yesterday!
    It was Hannah and Lucy's Birthday!
    What a day it was for a Birthday!
    Let's all have some cake!

    Well, it doesn't flow as well as it should - but you get the point!

    We hope you had a wonderful, fun day!!

  30. Happy Belated 1st Birthday Hannah and Lucy!! So sorry we missed your party!! We ope your day was filled with fun and lots of love!!
    Your TX furiends,

  31. Awwww, we missed your Purrthday! We are all dieting cuz of Disco, so we would have missed nomming on all those snacks!