7 June 2010

Hannah's Antics

Mum has asked me to keep an eye on Hannah to make sure she is being good.

She has given me the slip for now and I must look for her.

Mum come quickly and look here

Hannah's hanging off the fence head first doing her stretching exercises. I hope she doesn't fall and land on her head.


  1. Oh well spotted lovely Lucy!!! I hope mum got there in time to catch silly Hannah!! She really is an action dare devil stunt kitty isn't she??

    Me and Charlie are most impressed by her athleticism and utter stretchiness! Wow!

    And sensible Lucy - we hope you continue to keep an eye on your daring sister!

    Take care

  2. Excellent snoopervision of your sisfur! She's so cute and we hopes she didn't fall. We have an award for you today!

  3. Ha! Be careful, Hannah. We know you have good balance and nine lives and all that, but still....Good work, Lucy, of alerting your mum!

  4. I guess she just decided to hang around outside for a while!

  5. Lucy you did a great job of keeping an eye on her and letting your mom know when Hannah might just be in a bit of trouble! We hope she didn't fall!

  6. Haha! Can we come and hang out with you Hannah?

  7. You just hanging around?

  8. You're doing a great job watching out for your sister, Lucy!...We're very impressed Hannah has kept up with her exercies regimen!...Happy week girls...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki