2 May 2010

Hannah in the Garden

Here I am rolling over to show my lovely neck frill.

Mun says I look very scruffy here and my tummy furs will get a good brushing later.

The white specks you can see (you might need to bigify the picture) on my head and neck are dust off the path and DEFINITELY NOT DANDRUFF MUM.
I shall be examining Mum's neck later to see if that's clean!!!


  1. Hannah, you look beautiful to us just as you are! Besides, rolling in the dirt feels SO good...We do it all the time, can't understand why our human is constantly sweeping and vacuuming in the house. ;-)

    P.S. We hope you enjoy being brushed! Only Derry here loves it, Nicki and Annie not so much.

  2. Hey, when ya gotta roll there might as well be dirt involved!

  3. Haha! Hannah, I like rolling in the dust too...but being a black cat, mom gets mad because I get so dirty!! So I hardly ever get to do it!!


  4. Awwww Hannah!!

    You have gorgeous floofy neck frill!! And a yummy tummy!!

    Charlie agrees that rolling around in dust is fun!!

    I hope you give mum a good clean - hee-hee!

    Me and Charlie are waving to sweet Lucy too!

    Take care

  5. Thank you, thank you so much for your visit!

    Loki and Nanny


  6. Hannah, We love the description of "neck frill"! So much better than "mane", which is kind of ManCatly. Henceforth, us floofy LadyCats here at the Lounge are sporting "Frills"!
    xx lounge kats

  7. Hannah, we think you are so beautiful, we love your gorgeous neck frill!...Our Mommy would love to cuddle those lovely fluffy furs of yours and steal kisses!...Hope you and Lucy have a fun day together...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Lovely neck ruffle. You have a fancy Tuxedo there!

  9. I love your floofy neck ruffle.