31 August 2012

30 August 2012

The Birdie Tree

I was just relaxing

when I heard a big loud noise

I had to lean over to see if I could see anything.

There was a man in a helmet in the garden behind our neighbours 
(you might need to bigify the picture to see him near the top)

He was cutting the tree down as it had a disease.


what about our bird TV in the spring 
when the baby birdies are learning to fly?


28 August 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

We have been given this award by


and also by

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Thank you very much and with apologies for our late response

We have to tell you 7 things about ourselves that

you don't already know

but we don't know what you don't know so we've guessed!


      Hannah loves chicken and would like it every meal.

Lucy loves walking on roof tops

They like to snuggle with together

They go on walkabouts together along the fence tops

Lucy eats the most although she is smaller

They were born in the same house with over 100 other cats

They were rescued by the R.S.P.C.A.

We are supposed to pass this award on but know many of you
have already done this so please take it if you haven't and
would like to do it.


27 August 2012

Brulee's Birthday Party

We have been invited to visit the Circus

with Truffle and Brulee

to celebrate Brulees's first birthday.

Mum has waved us off and we are on our way.

When we arrived we were met by this funny man

who made us smile


these lovely horses with pretty feathers on.

We also enjoyed the acrobats

who made us hold our breaths.

Thank you Brulee and of course Truffle and their Mom

for inviting us - we have enjoyed every minute.

25 August 2012

My Exercise Regime

I'm working on a new exercise regime

I begin by stretching out my leg

before lifting it very high above my head.

However, on turning my head to the left and right

I find my eyes feel very heavy

so I think a nap is in order.



24 August 2012

Target Practice

Hannah decides

to get some target practice

and hopes to get good enough

to catch Mum by surprise


23 August 2012

Peace at Last

I'm feeling rather sleepy

so I thought I'd close my eyes

before Hannah pinches my seat.


22 August 2012

Remembering Miss Peach and Wordless Wednesday

It is a year today since Miss Peach

went to Rainbow Bridge.

Please spare a moment to visit her dear Mom Karla 
and her loving Lap Daddy


and leave them a few words of comfort


and now today's post





21 August 2012

I'm Hiding

I'm sitting here in my tunnel

as Hannah's still boinging

and, believe me, it's not safe out there!


20 August 2012

Bing, Bong, Boing

Watch out Lucy

don't come out your tunnel this end

as you might get

a nasty surprise!


18 August 2012

Snoozy Saturday and Good News




This started out as a snoozy Saturday

but we have had some good news

Poppy Vic is home from the hospital and although

he is still sick he is so happy to be home.

17 August 2012

Finally Friday

I'm resting today as I'm so tired

after Levon and Malou's 1st Birthday Party

I'm washing my front paws carefully

to make sure I get all the birthday cake crumbs

out of my claws 

it was so delish I don't want to miss any.

There - I've got another one - nom nom nom.


16 August 2012

A Birthday Party

We have received an invitation to

 Malou and Levon's First Birthday Party

We wanted to look nice and 

decided to wear our pretty straw hats

Hannah is asking Mum if her hat is on straight

and Mum assured her it is purrfect

and here is Lucy wearing her pretty hat too.

Lucy has told Mum not to wait up

"because we don't want you cramping our style!"

We're just off to the launching pad now

and are ready for take off



15 August 2012

Wordy Wednesday

It's my turn to do the blog today

but I don't know what to write

I looked up for inspiration

but nothing came to mind

so I took a nap instead


13 August 2012

Bird Watching

I'm sitting in the jasmine

hiding from the birds

I don't want them to know I'm here

but I'd really like to jump out

and give them a big



11 August 2012


Hannah loves her boing

and loves to smack it hard.

She loves to whap the pompom too

and sometimes holds it down

and then watches as it flies

but sometimes it bounces right back

and takes her by surprise!