30 June 2012

Warming Up

I've started some gentle training

for the Cat Olympics

but I didn't realise

how tired it would make me


29 June 2012

Freshen up Friday

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend

so I'll have a paw-di-cure

and do my neck exercises

and having washed my white furs

I'm ready to party!


26 June 2012

Two for Tuesday and Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes first

and we wish Jan a furry happy birthday

if you'd like to visit her


and also it's KC's birthday too

and we are sending her Birthday wishes

if you would like to wish her Happy Birthday



Mum has hardly taken any pictures of little me

as my sister keeps hogging the camera

but I just managed to squeeze in for a second  picture
today before she started preening again!


25 June 2012

Window Watching

I told Mum I'd  do the blog today

but I couldn't think of what to say

so I looked out the window instead!


23 June 2012

An Award

Hannah has been given an award by Levon

She is very smug as there was no mention of Lucy

but of course Levon (from the Critters in the Cottage)

is a fellow tuxie 

if you haven't met Levon he is to be found at


he has a kitten brother called Malou,
2 adult cats, 2 pups and 2 senior foster cats to play with.

We know quite a few of you will have had this award 
but if you haven't and you would like to do it please take the
picture of the badge


22 June 2012

Yes Your Highness

No Mum, I'm not coming out today

I'm warm and comfy

and while it's still cold, wet and windy outside

I shall stay here 

so would like you to bring me my brekkie please?

(laughing)  Mum says  "Yes Your Highness".


21 June 2012

Just Waiting

I'm just resting my eyes 
while Mum's chatting on the phone

so I expect I've plenty of time for several naps.


19 June 2012

No Water Required

We were looking round the garden after all
the torrential rain of the last few weeks

and Hannah looked into one of the blue pots

She shouted Mum meowing

there's no need to get the watering can out the plants are still swimming!

18 June 2012

A Parcel

The post lady knocked the door and

she had a parcel addressed to Hannah and Lucy

Mum opened it for us and told us it was from Kizzie

Inside were two hand knitted balls

one was green and yellow

which Lucy decided was hers as it matched her eyes

In the meantime Hannah had grabbed the pink and blue one

which she held close to her tummy so that Lucy couldn't steal it.


16 June 2012

It's our Birthday

It's our third birthday today
(well a guesstimate of the date as no-one knows exactly)

Ann from Zoology made us this lovely picture for us
with a little help from Zoey and Maggy of course.

We hope all our friends will be able to come and visit us 
and help our Party go with a swing

This is us on our first night in our new home and we clung together
as we were a little bit scared.

We soon found out that we didn't need to be scared
and made ourselves right at home

both inside and in the garden.

We are so happy to have made so many friends and are 
delighted that so many of you are teleporting over
to celebrate with us.

Please feel free to eat and drink as much as you like 
there are meowgaritas for the grown ups

and milk for the kittens

there is roast beef

roast chicken

and ham

don't be shy and tuck in Mum can always cook some more

we have got a birthday cake

and small cakes

Do feel free to lounge on Mum's bed to nap or have a chat

or if you fancy some light exercise after your food

Mickey and his friends would love to play a game of chase with you

or you could join Hannah on a conducted fence tour

or a roof tour with us both

or relax in one of the hammocks on our cat scratcher posts

of course there will be plenty of nip for the more mature cats.

Do stay as long as you like - there's plenty of room if you want to
stay overnight

Mum can always email your families and tell them not to worry.


15 June 2012


I was just sitting here peacefully

when there came such a thud up above my head

Lucy had been up on the roof

and had just landed

with a thump above my head


It is our birthday tomorrow and we would like to invite you all to our party.

There will be food, nipitinis and milk drinks for the kittens.

It is open house so come when you like and stay a while.


14 June 2012

Roof Walking

I was up on the roof having a look round

but Mum wanted me to get down

so I went down onto our neighbour's garage

and sat there for a while

but when I heard my dish being chinked

I decided  to go in for my dinner