30 April 2012

Happy Hannah's High

It was a cold, wet and very windy Sunday morning

so Mum opened the magic cupboard.

Hannah's paw shot out

and quickly grabbed a nippy pillow

and gave it a much needed bunny kicking

in fact she got rather greedy and grabbed another nippy pillow too!

and then relaxed nonchalantly

knowing she had a spare one to paw


28 April 2012

I Spy

I am just peeping into this garden

as when the new leaves are on the tree I won't be able to take another

a passing glance until next winter

which will interupt my surveillance and important news reports

to an interested person who pays me in chicken

otherwise known as Mum

Please send lots of purrs and purrayers to MoMo


who is not feeling well

27 April 2012

Fence Patrol

It's very quiet and nothing interesting is happening

there are birds feeding over the fence 

in the next door garden but the dog is outside!!

Oh well I might as well go home

before it starts to rain AGAIN!!!

26 April 2012

Quiet Please

I'm hiding on a chair under the table

please don't tell Lucy where I am

I want a quiet nap


24 April 2012

What's Up?

There are birdies walking on my roof

I can see their feet and hear them chirping

I hope that doesn't mean

that they will poop up there!


23 April 2012

My Tail

I'm just having a pawse

before getting ready to wash my tail

you see I need to hold it quite firmly

and even use my back paws to restrain it

as it's always trying to escape and do it's own thing

but I've beaten it into submission today.


21 April 2012


I'm hiding from Mum as she's cleaning

and she's muttering about muddy paw marks

I hope she doesn't think they are mine

I've just washed mine    (pure coincidence)

and I've taken refuge in my tunnel

20 April 2012

Where's Mousie?

I was playing with mousie when he disappeared

and I thought he was lost

and then I spotted his long red tail

he was hiding in my tummy furs so I pulled him from his hiding place

and gave him the bitey.

19 April 2012

Toes on Thursday

These are my toesies

for Thursday

they are clean - Mum made me wash them!

18 April 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Here I am wishing I was sitting in the sunshine

but it is raining very hard

this is how I am going to imagine it is

Lucy is at the Tabby Cat Club today

and so I am enjoying the peace and quiet

Time for a nap soon I think

17 April 2012

My Favourite Mousie

This is my favourite mousie

and I love him

He doesn't mind at all if I pull his tail

or give him a whap.

16 April 2012

My Ess

This is my rather battered Ess

and I love to bash the pompom on its spring


there has been a tragedy

and pompom decided enough ill treatment had been pawed
and it made the decision to fall to pieces - tuft by tuft


Mum has put MY POMPOM out with the rubbish!!

Isn't she heartless?

14 April 2012

Hannah Says

I'm looking forward to a restful weekend

and I can feel a snooze coming on already


13 April 2012

Nippy Pillow

I love my nippy pillow

it makes me feel so happy

and I savour

each and every whiff of nip

and I lay back and feel so relaxed that sometimes

I snuggle my pillow for a while


putting the bitey on it.

12 April 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I love being outside

in the sunshine

or inside

where the sunbeams come in the window

and I can watch the birdies through the glass.

10 April 2012

Hannah's Matatabi Stick

Hannah loves a nip trip

and likes her matatabi stick close to paw

she gets it placed centrally

and then sends it flying off with a whap.

and gets herself ready to give it a bunny kick

and then places it against her paw

so Lucy can't "borrow it"

9 April 2012

Happy Birthday Marg

This post is for you Marg


We hope you have a wonderful day

and this little fellow just wanted to say


to you

as do all your furry and non furry friends


We hope you have a happy day
with lots of wet nose kisses, cuddles and snuggles.

We love you Marg

Hannah xx, Lucy xx and Mum Sue xx