30 April 2010

My Unruly Tail

Here I am clutching my tail - it doesn't like to be held and given a real good wash.

Sometimes it jumps right out of my paws amd waves about instead of being good.

See - I've managed to catch it again. I'll just hold on to it for a moment and recover from the tussle we had and then begin my bath all over again.

29 April 2010

I'm Tuckered

I was partying with a friend last night and think I had nip cocktail too many.

Can someone pass the ice pack for my head and the QUIET PLEASE sign!

27 April 2010

Toesday Tuesday

A young lady has to have a good paw-de-cure

and to make sure her pink pads are spotless.

26 April 2010

More Milk Top Madness

Can you see the expert control I have over this milk top?

My paws are working overtime controlling it.

I'm just getting a two minute time out

as Mum days I pushed Hannah off it. It's all lies little Miss Goody Two Shoes.

How did it get there it wasn't meant to - I think it's got a mind of its own.

25 April 2010

Water Watching

Here I am sitting on the edge of the sink.

I am watching the water coming out of the tap and running into the sink.

Mum is laughing at me now because I keep batting the water and then shaking my paw.

She says she is covered in water droplets - well she said she wanted a shower!

24 April 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye

I am just watching the birdies in the garden next door to us.

I get quite a good view through the gap in the fence boards and through that little spy hole - I think Mum drilled it specially so I can put my eye against it for a secret close up view.

Mum why don't you put food out for the birdies like the lady next door?

Mum: I don't think they would want to eat at your restaurant Hannah.

23 April 2010

Our Blog is Carbon Neutral

In honour of Earth Day yesterday we are following in the steps of the Island Cats and participating in My Blog is Carbon Neutral.

Our local forest is Charnwood Forest and they have ancient woodland and have been encouraging new tree planting for some time and this will continue until 2014.

This will help erase the footprint our blog makes (we didn't know we had a footprint until yesterday).

When we think Mum is slacking we will send her to take some photographs to put on our blog.

22 April 2010

Lucy's Surprise

I was dreaming that I fell down a hole and wondered where I was going to land.

My heart was going pitter patter ever so fast but I'd just slipped down between the cushion and the back of the couch.

I decided to take a bath while I recovered from the shock.

19 April 2010

I'm Sleepy

We had a busy day yesterday snoopervising in the garden and I'm feeling really tired this morning. I'll just rest my eyes for a few moments. zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzz
2 hours later: Mum here - Hannah's still flat out she must have had a night on the tiles!

18 April 2010

I'm Still Waiting Mum

Mum put the computer on ages ago and went to get a drink and has left me waiting to help her blog.

Hurry up Mum I'm getting tired of waiting and I've got some good ideas.

Hours have gone by and I'm still waiting - she's gossiping on the phone now - Mum hurry up.

No Mum I'm not helping you blog now - I'm not in the mood - What new ideas? - it's so long since I thought of them I've forgotten what they were.
You can do the blog on your own today.

17 April 2010

Mum it's Private

Mum : What are you doing under there Lucy?

Why do you think I'm under here Mum - some things you do are supposed to be private.

Yesterday I was sitting in the sun taking a leisurely bath when guess what happened !

followed by!

So I gave her my firmest get out of here Mum look but she carried on with the flashy box.

Mum is nothing sacred round here?

Did I get my privacy - What do you think!!!

16 April 2010

Hannah's Frazzled Friday

This picture make me look old and worn.

I felt so tired this morning after Lucy's day yesterday when she was running round like
a maniac all the time. I feel exhausted from just watching her.

I've retreated to my tissue box and I'm going to nap there until dinner time. My eyes feel so heavy and tired. Time for 40 winks.

15 April 2010

Lucy's Mad Five Minutes

Here I am taking refuge under a stool - it's getting a bit lively out there. I'm watching Lucy very closely.

She is having a mad five minutes with the top off a plastic milk container that she knocked from the worktop in the kitchen and ran off with.

As you can see she narrowly missed kicking me when I was under the stool trying to hide and she didn't say she was sorry.

That picture is her one eyed one pawed trick!

13 April 2010

Lucy Toesday Tuesday With Extras

This post is not for the faint hearted.

Lucy not with her most demure pose.

WARNING - Please do not let any highly strung cat look at this

12 April 2010

Monday Musings

Here I am looking to see what Lucy is up to:

She has been looking quite excited and has been rolling all over the ground just here.

Mum thinks the black cat (called Minty because of his green eyes) has been in our garden - he lives across the way from us. As you can see I am watching Lucy rolling about and to let you into a little secret I have been rolling with her but I don't do it when Mum is about with the camera.

Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

11 April 2010

V-E-T-S and Tortures

My cruel and heartless Mum took me to the torturers last week. I have a cough that sounds as if I am going to yak a hairball but despite lots of gloopy stuff being given to me nothing appeared and the cough was still there.

She made me an appointment with a very nice lady who said I was beautiful (which of course I knew) and said although it sounded like hairball at first she wondered if it was "lung worms". Mum was sent home with some powder to mix in with our food for the next 3 days. It took Mum hours of sitting on the floor coaxing me to eat it before it was eaten up.

"Mum here - she only ate threequarters of it but by then my bum was numb and I had lost the will to live!!. She had clamped her mouth shut and would only open it to do a bitey so I retreated."

This is a picture of my tummy furs after the battle which I think generously to Mum I will call a draw. Mum I need brushing now.

To add insult to injury Lucy ate hers like a good girl - she's a creep.

"Mum her again - she was good the next two days as I had told her no co-operation no chicken.
Unfortunately the cough is still there so it looks like another vet visit with the mention in the last visit of x-rays and cameras!!"

10 April 2010

Beetle Drive Wager

Here we are watching a beetle run across the paving - it only runs in the cement between the paving so it has to keep changing directions. We are having a little wager on whether it will go left or right. If it goes left Hannah owes me a temptation and if it goes right I will owe Hannah one. (I will make sure I have licked it first)

Here are some of the spring flowers that have opened up now that the weather is a lot warmer and sunnier.

Isn't it great to feel the sun on your furs.

9 April 2010

Hurry up Mum

Mum hurry up and switch on the computer I want to see what our friends have been doing today - if you are going to keep me waiting much longer I am worried I will fall asleep, my eyes are beginning to feel heavy.

I can hear Hannah having another moan at mum telling her to hurry up and put our blog on but I an worried she could make her forget to cook our chicken and it's been ages since breakfast and I'm getting rather peckish.

8 April 2010

To Listen or Not to Listen

This slender black cat makes a very good listener - she is very attentive and never talks back whilst I am telling her important things.

Lucy, on the other paw, shows just how much she is prepared to listen to me - she would sooner go and look out the window that learn something important.

6 April 2010

Toesday Tuesday

Fluffy white paws

Sleek and somewhat grubby paws

Can anyone guess who has the grubby paws?